Friday, 14 May 2010

Trying To Get Over The Pains

Undoubtedly, the two best teams of the competition are in the final in Australia and England who both have an undefeated record in the tournament more or less !

England are there after beating the Lankans comprehensively in their semi final :

Australia are there after beating Pakistan in a thrilling match where they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat !

Pakistan were in a clear winning position for most parts but yet lost the match in the final over to the brilliance of Mr Cricket aka Mike Hussey and that is the outcome which matters as the Aussies march into the Barbados final ! It was a heroic astonishing amazing performance from the left hander who has done it before against the very same opposition too, recall the SCG nightmares earlier this year where he capitalised on Pakistan's defensiveness in an expert manner !

191 should be a new superstition. Its been a tournament find to say the least ! Reasons as follows...

1) England lost defending 191 under the D/L method in the preliminary stages
2) 5 wicket maiden happened when the Aussies were on 191 against the Pakistanis
3) Despite doing everything right with the bat, Pakistan were unable to defend a mammoth total of 191 against the Aussies in a semi final

Pakistani fans are clearly heartbroken and frustrated and rightly so as the team didn't deserve to lose this game to be perfectly honest. They played with positivity and impressed, but yet weren't able to get over the obstacle of Australia, a team which has beaten them continuously over the last 6 months !

This defeat is one of the most painful defeats in sporting history from a Pakistani perspective, a much forgettable moment. However, a truly incredible match sequence which promotes the game from a general perspective.

To conclude on a high, Pakistan are the only team in each of the 3 ICC World T20s to reach the semi final stage each time ! They have some pride to take away with them, despite not being able to repeat what happened last year in the UK under Younis Khan's leadership.


Anonymous said...

They gave the Aussies a real scare and can be very proud of the batting. The bowling wasn't that bad, but Hussey was in the zone by the end.

Wes said...

Unwinnable for any other team. 192 against 4 spinners. Hussey won this for Australia. Agreement @anon, he was in the zone.

Wes' last blog:
Australia: alive! Supporters: dead!

Anonymous said...

I'm a different anonymous from that one up there, and I disagree. Afridi should NOT have chosen a spinner for the last over. That was a big mistake. I'm not normally one of Shahid Afridi's detractors, but surely as a captain, he should have put on his thinking cap. Let's hope that Ijaz Butt Sahab (aka Mota Walrus) doesn't go on one of his execution rampages again and ban Afridi, or even Abdul Razzaq or (dear God no!) one of the Akmals!

Congratulations to all Australians, the T20 cup is as good as yours. Your team was wonderful~

Christopher Poshin David said...

I can't believe they did it! Mike Huss is simply we have a Pomms -Aussie face down! What could be better?

greyblazer said...

Pakistan deserved to win but somehow lost it.

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