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Ajmal Needs To Fire For Pakistan (December 2010)

Saeed Ajmal has been a top class character ever since his late arrival in the national side. He was recommended by his domestic team mate Misbah Ul Haq initially. He came into the national side as an experienced seasoned campaigner with a handful of domestic matches behind him.

He helped bowl Pakistan to the World T20 Triumph in June 2009, taking 12 wickets at an average of 14 in the tournament. It was one of the most memorable achievements in Pakistan's history and he was an instrumental part of it.

He is statistically the 3rd leading T20 wicket taker of all time after Gul and Afridi. He has taken 38 wickets from just 26 matches at an excellent economy. He is a cunning operator who relishes the challenges when batsmen attack him.

In an age of growing rumours and controversy, Ajmal's name has not been mentioned. He comes across a good down to Earth hard working guy. Another reason to like him as there is more to a "finished article" then just his on field capabilities. He surely undoubtedly deserves our support, appreciation and backing as patriots and passionate followers?

He has shown that he can be a class act on his day. He has the ability to bamboozle top class batsmen with his craftiness, unorthodoxy, guile and uniqueness. As we all know, he bowls a very well disguised doosra where he tends to extract a lot of overspin, especially. He can bowl flat as well as flight the ball. He can vary his angle and line of attack. He tends to run through his over's quickly which psychologically can make a difference. All of these are his attributes. He has more then enough there to thrive. He has shown he can be an influential performer in the past. He needs to be an influential performer now more then ever as there is an air of anticipation waiting.

Recently, his effectiveness and impact has been lost. In the series against SA he bowled poorly by his high standards and was nowhere near his best. It is highly significant from Pakistan's point of view that he regains his form and effectiveness as Pakistan's Premier Spinner going into the WC. The forthcoming series against New Zealand will be a vital one for the Faisalabad Wolves bowler as he will need to revive his wicket taking abilities and confidence. I am backing him to come good and shine. I have high hopes and expectations of him. He will be one of my 3 key players in the World cup I will be banking on in order for Pakistan to have a successful campaign. His 10 absolutely crucial overs in the Asian conditions could determine a lot come February and March when the Pakistani fan base will be buzzing with excitement and greeted with cricketing fever like there is no tomorrow.

We know you can do it Saeed! Do you believe you can do it? You are a masterful magician. Make us proud. Become a champion. This is your time. Strive for excellence and consistency. Equally, its important that the captain invests full trust in him in order to get the best out of him. The captain needs to ensure he is happy and satisfied by using him wisely and giving him the wanted field placements as well as plenty of encouragement. Usually it is evident with his body language where his mindset lies. Its a matter of responsibility and delegation here between the two. Potentially a dangerous partnership in the making? Hopefully, for Pakistan's sake a successful one.

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Big Player For the Big Game !

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