Friday, 26 June 2009

Mr Khan

Younis Khan’s resignation from T20 captaincy has generated mixed views. During this thread I would like to explore the different perspectives.

In one sense this was a un logical decision as Pakistan has just had a world cup triumph to savour upon. In other words everything is singing and dancing with abundance of jubilance for the patriotic public. To further emphasise many have hailed the way he had captained. His credentials have been impressive and seen as “captaincy material” for one to praise. Here I’m talking of the way he geared up the boys. Younis’s determination, fighting spirit and on field tactics was really something to write home about.

Historically speaking there was some resemblance of the way Imran Khan led the cornered tigers to glory in Melbourne and IKs leadership skills as a whole with YKs style. There may be that superstition theme of appointing KHAN as a winning option. Ought we not to maintain this?

However, Younis self admitted T20 wasn’t his cup of tea and he was more suited to the longer lasting formats. Personal preference has to be considered. Some speculate he was attempting to emulate Imran Khan in announcing his stepping down immediately when the nation was feeling at the top of the world.

Overall I feel we have to accept Younis’s future plans and comfort zone. He will still be a key feature in the longer formats – probably being one of the best batsmen and captain in the modern game. But surely nothing can be taken away from the way he led Pakistan to glory or his leadership qualities.

Let me just mention: if England win the Ashes that would have been a perfectionist summer for me to accomplish Pakistan's T20 triumph from a British-Pakistani's point of view.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Stand Up For The Champions !

I was proud to have the opportunity to witness it. The climate was scorching , the venue was first class, the line ups were an idealist script for this unique occasion especially when taking into consideration all the troublesome times the county has faced, the teams arrival in the final had brought back a spark of patriotism and unity.

Anyhow let’s progress to the match and moments of the day itself. The atmosphere was electrifying. The crowd was largely populated by energetic Pakistani supporters, here with a determined desire of getting across the line and repeating that magical day in 1992. “ Afridi Afridi” they chanted away and oh boy he didn’t fail to live up to the expectations as Pakistan clinched glory to the pleasure of the entire nation. This is a cause of celebration and acknowledgement. The reaction back home has been fulfilled with happiness. Certainly this is a moment one shall cherish for a long time to come.

A few reasons why we emerged as champions !

Captaincy determination – He looked so strict in the field towards the latter half of the competition. This showed desire and fighting spirit. We could see that this was a pumped up unit.

Effective combinations – We found the winning formula in the New Zealand match such as when to turn to Gul and when to utilise Afridi in the batting line up. We were able to maintain this winning strategy from that game onwards.

Spinners – Enable to apply or restrict a “squeeze” on the opposition with their guile in the middle period. They consistently performed, claiming a handful of wickets and bowling economically

Akmal’s cameo - Set the tone and momentum for further consolidation. Utilised the fielding restrictions and played freely. Really put the opposition on the back foot frequently.

A good blend of experience and youth- Builds a good team morale.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

T20 semi Final Preview !

Although we should congratulate and appreciate the on field heroics demonstrated by the side in this competition, they will have to play “out of their skins” to beat RSA and graduate to the final almost as a matter of fact. RSA have been the in-form team through out, with an invincible undefeated record at stake. Their fielding is immense and they arguably have the most intelligent captain in Graham Smith.

Pak have produced mixed performances. Sometimes we have witnessed sheer brilliance whereas other times we have been thoroughly undone. The bowling attack will hold the ultimate key in this climaxing encounter as we can take nothing away from the performances of Gul and Ajmal, the tournaments leading wicket takers.

To conclude on a high it feels as if we have the bounty of Waqar Younis’s art and Saqi’s mystery back in operation in resemblance to the threat posed by Gul and Ajmal and this outstanding bowling combination as a whole . Certainly Pakistan holds the advantage in this aspect.

I wonder if we can make it to another final but go one step further this time round, something Pakistan hasn’t done since the golden era of 1992!

Monday, 15 June 2009


India’s elimination was an unexpected exit by the previous champions. Many supporters and fans would have been heartbroken by this performance. But no excuses can be made other then the team’s defeats against 2 sides they would have fancied there chances against in England and West indies. Those 2 of course meet today for a contest which has been repeated numerously throughout this year but this time in a do or die situation.

The tournament as a whole has been an unpredictable one thus far with several tight nail biting climax encounters and surprises. But now the action is steaming up as the competition approaches the knock-out stages in the most thrilling heat absorbing format one can experience.

Strap your seat belts fastened for meaningful action packed drama from Britain’s 3 most picturesque venues ………………………….


Although many argue that this can be a dicey lottery structure i.e. the chasing side requiring a boundary of the final delivery. This usually is a case by sheer fortune as suggested by events this month because no team really deserves to lose in the circumstance as no one has really won convincingly like a test match in which we can clearly differentiate why a side emerged victorious due to a longer course of play and technical requirements as opposed to just holding your nerve in the crucial moment.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Usman Qadir Interview From Pak Passion.

It's makes a good read from an interesting future prospect:

PS : Any feedback will be gr8 !

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