Friday, 26 June 2009

Mr Khan

Younis Khan’s resignation from T20 captaincy has generated mixed views. During this thread I would like to explore the different perspectives.

In one sense this was a un logical decision as Pakistan has just had a world cup triumph to savour upon. In other words everything is singing and dancing with abundance of jubilance for the patriotic public. To further emphasise many have hailed the way he had captained. His credentials have been impressive and seen as “captaincy material” for one to praise. Here I’m talking of the way he geared up the boys. Younis’s determination, fighting spirit and on field tactics was really something to write home about.

Historically speaking there was some resemblance of the way Imran Khan led the cornered tigers to glory in Melbourne and IKs leadership skills as a whole with YKs style. There may be that superstition theme of appointing KHAN as a winning option. Ought we not to maintain this?

However, Younis self admitted T20 wasn’t his cup of tea and he was more suited to the longer lasting formats. Personal preference has to be considered. Some speculate he was attempting to emulate Imran Khan in announcing his stepping down immediately when the nation was feeling at the top of the world.

Overall I feel we have to accept Younis’s future plans and comfort zone. He will still be a key feature in the longer formats – probably being one of the best batsmen and captain in the modern game. But surely nothing can be taken away from the way he led Pakistan to glory or his leadership qualities.

Let me just mention: if England win the Ashes that would have been a perfectionist summer for me to accomplish Pakistan's T20 triumph from a British-Pakistani's point of view.


Q said...

YK has actually said before the T20 that this would be his last assignment for Pakistan in 20-20 cricket and he lived up to his word despite doing really well in this version of the game.

To be honest, before this cup, no one really considered YK to be a 20-20 player.. but he really lifted his game during the tournament.

In one way I think its good that he's retired since it gives someone else, like Afridi, a chance to be groomed for future Pak captaincy...

But I'm also wary of the divisions it will create in the team.

Anonymous said...

i dont see anything wrong in Younis's decision but i would be pissed if he makes a comeback on Butt's insistence.

And YK really had a very good tourney. He didnt hit too many 4 or 6s but he played too few dot balls, took many singles and doubles at a very impressive strike rate of 140.

its just his dislike for the format he is out fo T20 jamboorie.

adding u up!!

maza786 said...

Superunknown, I wouldn't be surprised to see YK returning to fulfil the role. Remember he accepted captaincy after a couple of previous rejections. He is a conscientious individual.

Q, Afridi would be the expected choice. I saw a couple of years ago him leading the Karachi dolphins and his qualities were ever so impressive!

Q said...

Now the news coming in is that YK will take the retirement decision again if people insist him to...

maza786 said...

Pakistan is having an English summer next year! England will play host to the Pak-Aus series prior to the series between Pak- Eng.

As suggested by the recent T20 WC, England can be an excellent stage for being a 2nd home to Pakistan cricket. The fans should turn up in their numbers and the team shall receive tremendous support and publicity.

maza786 said...

YH I have also read the source Q !

maza786 said...

Interesting statement to say the least !

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