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How The Snow Has An Impact On The National Economy
Snow has greeted Britain this week, earlier then it usually does. The snow has various effects for a national economy. Majority are drawbacks or limitations, however this is not always the case as you shall learn as you read through the different implications highlighted below. Feel free to add your own as well.
1) Self employed individuals won't be able to earn which would make it difficult for them to meet their basic living requirements.
2) Exam results are affected directly as students don't go into school due to safety measures. This will affect the economic performance or capabilities in the foreseeable future. This is a long term consequence which could happen.
3) As people don't go into work the levels of GDP (gross domestic product) or the levels of productivity decrease as people have to take days off work in order to cater for children or their own personal safety for that matter if travelling is an issue.
4) The tourism industry suffers as does the airline industry as people can't get out and about. This means that they will be losing out on substantial sums of money potentially.
5) There would be many cancellations of events which would inevitably cost time and money for businesses/organisations/establishments as result of re-scheduling.
6) Will mean that plenty of time will need to made up another time. This could halt progression and target setting for the concerned party/group
7) Costs local councils plenty in order to grit roads in order to ensure safety when driving for local inhabitants.
8) Is good for certain food industries, especially those which would be selling/serving hot food as demand will inevitably increase as people will be keen to be keep warm, fit and healthy. However, getting there to buy it might be an issue.
9) Hotels benefit as people whom are unable to travel will need to find a place of comfort to stay for the time being. Hotel is an attractive short team option they might take into consideration. This will or could increase their sales.
10) Your own suggestions to expand on the problematic weather  related matter, but thoroughly enjoyable one nevertheless.

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