Saturday, 27 February 2010

Karachi Champions League

The KCL is an excellent initiative and has been highly received and rated by many cricketers and supporters. The sons of Karachi (Mustafa Kamal, mayor of Karachi and Rashid Latif, former Pakistani WK) vow to save Pakistan cricket. Rashid Latif take a bow !

The matches were televised by Geo Super, Pakistan's premier sports channel. The crowd turned up in their numbers and all matches were played under floodlights in an excellent atmosphere.

The campaign is hoping to expand next year and go national. The competition featured several international and highly acclaimed FC cricketers as well.

Here are some good vidoes, including the official song below:

Monday, 22 February 2010

Hockey World Cup 2010

Hero Honda FIH World Cup
Men, New Delhi (IND) - 28 February/13 March 2010

Match Schedule

Pool A

New Zealand

Pool B

South Africa

Date Match# Time Pool Pitch Match
Sun 28 Feb 2010 01 16:35 B 1 South Africa v. Spain
02 18:35 B 1 Australia v. England
03 20:35 B 1 Pakistan v. India

Mon 01 Mar 2010 04 16:35 A 1 New Zealand v. Canada
05 18:35 A 1 Germany v. Korea
06 20:35 A 1 Netherlands v. Argentina

Tue 02 Mar 2010 07 16:35 B 1 South Africa v. England
08 18:35 B 1 Pakistan v. Spain
09 20:35 B 1 India v. Australia

Wed 03 Mar 2010 10 16:35 A 1 Canada v. Germany
11 18:35 A 1 Argentina v. Korea
12 20:35 A 1 New Zealand v. Netherlands

Thur 04 Mar 2010 13 16:35 B 1 South Africa v. Australia
14 18:35 B 1 England v. Pakistan
15 20:35 B 1 Spain v. India

Fri 05 Mar 2010 16 16:35 A 1 Korea v. New Zealand
17 18:35 A 1 Netherlands v. Canada
18 20:35 A 1 Germany v. Argentina

Sat 06 Mar 2010 19 16:35 B 1 Australia v. Spain
20 18:35 B 1 South Africa v. Pakistan
21 20:35 B 1 England v. India

Sun 07 Mar 2010 22 16:35 A 1 Korea v. Canada
23 18:35 A 1 New Zealand v. Argentina
24 20:35 A 1 Germany v. Netherlands

Mon 08 Mar 2010 25 16:35 B 1 Spain v. England
26 18:35 B 1 Australia v. Pakistan
27 20:35 B 1 South Africa v. India

Tue 09 Mar 2010 28 16:35 A 1 Germany v. New Zealand
29 18:35 A 1 Netherlands v. Korea
30 20:35 A 1 Canada v. Argentina
Wed 10 Mar 2010 Rest Day

Thu 11 Mar 2010 31 15:35 11-12 1 6th Pool A v. 6th Pool B
32 18:05 1-4 1 1st Pool A v. 2nd Pool B
33 20:35 1-4 1 1st Pool B v. 2nd Pool A

Fri 12 Mar 2010 34 15:35 9-10 1 5th Pool A v. 5th Pool B
35 18:05 7-8 1 4th Pool A v. 4th Pool B
36 20:35 5-6 1 3rd Pool A v. 3rd Pool B

Sat 13 Mar 2010 37 15:35 3-4 1 Loser Match 32 v. Loser Match 33
38 18:05 1-2 1 Winner Match 32 v. Winner Match 33
Closing Ceremony

1)Pakistan have won the competition the most times of 4 although they have not won it since 1994 ! They have won it in 1971,1978,1982 and 1994 and finished runners up in 1975 and 1990.
2) Netherlands have won it 3 times in the past, the next best.
3) Germany are the current holders !
4) This tournament is being staged in India. India have won the Cup once in 1975, beating Pakistan in the final.
5) WC has been played 11 times in the past, this will be the 12th WC.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cricketing Week Review

Razzaq's innings was the highlight of the week..............

India retained the World Test NO1 Spot after beating SA at the Even Gardens this week. The series was levelled 1 a piece but with India already at the top of the rankings prior to the series they retained the golden status.

The final day of the second test was gripping drama, test cricket at its best ! Well played to India and Bhaji. Singh is King as Sunil Gavaskar says ! But a spare of thought for the excellency of Hashim Amla. Outstanding effort and application but, really unfortunate for him that it was coming in a losing scenario. Nonetheless, nothing can be taken away.

In Dubai where England and Pakistan were playing 2 T20s, we saw a very entertaining 2 matches played in excellent sporting spirit. Eoin Morgan was just simply class in the first match. He had an answer for everything, his body positioning,shot identification and ability to find gaps consistently was literally outstanding and that too was all under pressure. His partnership with KP saw England over the line in a match which produced many twists and turns and changes in momentum. But to be honest we weren't really expecting a Pakistani victory after 39/4 so well done for at least managing to compete and getting ourselves back in the match. England were the better side with ball, bat and in the field and therefore were deserving winners .

The following encounter, Pakistan bounced back and finally won a match after a mammoth losing streak of 10 consecutive matches. Pakistan bowlers restricted England to a reasonable total of 148 in their 20 overs. KP once again was superb. Umar gul got hit for 4 sixes and overall conceded 43 runs in his four overs, similar run rate to the day before. Many people are now questioning his in-ability to repeat the past and his position in the team for different formats.

Pakistan made an awful start with the bat, losing 2 wickets in the first over, both openers gifting their wickets away with poor shots. Ajmal Shahzad was delighted and commenced his international career with an overwhelming first over. Umar Akmal and Shoaib Malik steadied the ship but following theirs and Afridi's departute all to the impressive Graeme Swann really put England in a commanding position to consolidate on Pakistan's much woeful season on and off the field. But as it stands that wasn't to be the case following the heroics of Abdul Razzaq. The booming Razzler Dazzler came to the party and produced a breathtaking matchwinning knock to guide Pakistan over the line, finally. This was a symbolic sigh of relief for every Pakistani.

I agree that the player of the series was Graeme Swann. But, it could have been given to KP for his two important impressive back to back innings. So it was a tight call but I guess they were slightly sympathising with the off spinner as T20 is a batters game primarily. The man of the match for the second game was a no brainer- Abdul Razzaq ! His 5 magnificent meaty maximums were great to watch. He had both the power and distance to perfect them. His 18 ball 46 was certainly a special performance.

A satisfying outcome.

The scoreline finished was 1-1 so the series is shared. I can only help to think that Mushtaq Ahmed aka Mushy was most satisfied as he was an illustrious former Pakistani cricketer who is currently being the ECB spin coach ! He said he was supporting England in his interview on Thursday with David Lloyd aka Bumble as he was working with England. But we know you deep down Mushy and that you were praying for Pakitan as well !!

Overall, I feel the outcome is a satisfying one especially when taking into account the rarity of a Pakistani victory in recent times. But, I can't help to stress how much more work there is to be done in order to defend the T20WC this year in the Caribbean this May. Who will be our captain ? Who will be the openers ? Is Gul going to be there ? The domestic RBST20 Cup commences on 27th February. This may have an influential affect on the national selection for the upcoming ICC tournament. A lot is left to be resolved. But hopefully this victory will boost the morale in the camp and PCB hierachy. Hopefully, this is the start of bigger and better things to come ! The future awaits......

Sunday, 14 February 2010

My Name Is Khan and I Am Not A Terrorist.........

We are introducing current affairs, an edition to the site.

During my first current affairs written entanglement I would like to review a Bollywood movie I recently watched called MNIK. The storyline revolved around prejudice against the Muslim faith following the atrocities of 9/11. It was exploring how the Western society changed their visions and approach towards Muslims and Islam in general.

Certainly this is evident in real life so the film has played a meaningful and moralising role for one to take into consideration for the future and perhaps learn from there so called mistakes. It is informative as well as thoroughly entertaining. This is what made it the "ideal package". It was emotionally challenging as well.

On the whole, MNIK was worthy of my time and money. It is highly rated and received by myself, critics and the public who have seen it. Therefore, it is highly recommendable. SRK absolutely rocked the screen. This is a hit back towards the people who feel he overacts or is overrated. Just watch this production and self see what he really is, yes a champion actor. Credit has to be given to Karan Johar, the director who put this all-together. I have sent my words of praise to him in a recent tweet !

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Pak T20 Eye Opener 2010

I was recently thinking about the dream or ideal team for the forthcoming T20WC of which Pak will look to defend and retain in the Windies. With the Australian tour over the focus turns to shortest format of the game. This would be my preferred squad and planning:

Muhammad Waqas
Rana Naved


Raza Hassan
Abdul Razzaq
Sohail Tanvir
Shahzaib Hassan Khan

Why do people see the format as a threat or disgrace to the game or team? This is why its not.

- Plenty of pressure and intensity is involved. The ability to play under pressure is an attribute.
- Variation with the ball is key. People have to vary their pace, length, trajectory in order to avoid getting predictable and consequently hit.
- Captaincy. Being pro-active and strategically minded is essential due to the lack of time available. You haven’t got time to wait and depend on something to happen.
- It’s fast moving. Therefore, stamina and fitness comes into operation.
- Its not a luck/fortunate game which is virtually slogging by any means. It creates innovation and enterprise such as the paddle sweep, bat speed, courage to take world class bowlers on, dil scoop, reverse sweep etc. It’s about generating momentum and building your innings accordingly. Keeping wickets in hand for the death is crucial so you need a few anchor players who can occupy the crease or even re-build the innings if required.
- Selection. Getting the right balance and combinations goes along way in this format. You need to be able to identify the match winners and utilise them most effectively. Ultimately, it’s down to them to perform. But you need to give the best possible opportunity for them to accomplish themselves instead of being wasted.
- Fielding. Direct hits and running between the wickets can make an influential difference. Its a modern skill.

Imran Khan Slams Zadari's Lack Of Knowledge On Cricket

I agree. Cricket for the nation is signficant so our reputation on the global scale is improved otherwise we will continue to be looked up as a vulnerable and lifeless nation. Zadari needs to get a grip to save cricket and consequently save Pakistan. Its one of the few things that we are capable at and unites the country, improves morale and image. Therefore, we can't ignore it otherwise the country will virtually be in further ruins with no light at the end of the tunnel. I personally feel very strongly about this.

Cricket is the leading sport in Pakistan. Zadari needs to have the background knowledge and understanding of the sport's significance which can't be underestimated.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Shahid The Hungry Man !

But Stuart Broad does it as well

Vaughan and Nasser Hussain, also a former England captain, said there would have been uproar had other nationalities been involved.

“There is no doubt in my mind that, if a Pakistani or Indian bowler had been caught doing what Anderson did, we would have said he was cheating,” Hussain wrote in the Daily Mail.

“I do not think the International Cricket Council have covered themselves in glory here,” he added.

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