Saturday, 27 February 2010

Karachi Champions League

The KCL is an excellent initiative and has been highly received and rated by many cricketers and supporters. The sons of Karachi (Mustafa Kamal, mayor of Karachi and Rashid Latif, former Pakistani WK) vow to save Pakistan cricket. Rashid Latif take a bow !

The matches were televised by Geo Super, Pakistan's premier sports channel. The crowd turned up in their numbers and all matches were played under floodlights in an excellent atmosphere.

The campaign is hoping to expand next year and go national. The competition featured several international and highly acclaimed FC cricketers as well.

Here are some good vidoes, including the official song below:


Stani Army said...

Looks like a good initiative and you never know, may unearth some gems!

We should also introduce a domestic one and invite foreign players.

Wes said...

Stani, talking to your invisible friend? :P

Maza I added you to my blogroll a while ago, would you be so nice to return me the favour? ;)

Wes' last blog:

♠ King John ♠

Stani Army said...

Wes :P LOL!

Sorry Maz ;)

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