Sunday, 14 February 2010

My Name Is Khan and I Am Not A Terrorist.........

We are introducing current affairs, an edition to the site.

During my first current affairs written entanglement I would like to review a Bollywood movie I recently watched called MNIK. The storyline revolved around prejudice against the Muslim faith following the atrocities of 9/11. It was exploring how the Western society changed their visions and approach towards Muslims and Islam in general.

Certainly this is evident in real life so the film has played a meaningful and moralising role for one to take into consideration for the future and perhaps learn from there so called mistakes. It is informative as well as thoroughly entertaining. This is what made it the "ideal package". It was emotionally challenging as well.

On the whole, MNIK was worthy of my time and money. It is highly rated and received by myself, critics and the public who have seen it. Therefore, it is highly recommendable. SRK absolutely rocked the screen. This is a hit back towards the people who feel he overacts or is overrated. Just watch this production and self see what he really is, yes a champion actor. Credit has to be given to Karan Johar, the director who put this all-together. I have sent my words of praise to him in a recent tweet !

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