Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Pak T20 Eye Opener 2010

I was recently thinking about the dream or ideal team for the forthcoming T20WC of which Pak will look to defend and retain in the Windies. With the Australian tour over the focus turns to shortest format of the game. This would be my preferred squad and planning:

Muhammad Waqas
Rana Naved


Raza Hassan
Abdul Razzaq
Sohail Tanvir
Shahzaib Hassan Khan

Why do people see the format as a threat or disgrace to the game or team? This is why its not.

- Plenty of pressure and intensity is involved. The ability to play under pressure is an attribute.
- Variation with the ball is key. People have to vary their pace, length, trajectory in order to avoid getting predictable and consequently hit.
- Captaincy. Being pro-active and strategically minded is essential due to the lack of time available. You haven’t got time to wait and depend on something to happen.
- It’s fast moving. Therefore, stamina and fitness comes into operation.
- Its not a luck/fortunate game which is virtually slogging by any means. It creates innovation and enterprise such as the paddle sweep, bat speed, courage to take world class bowlers on, dil scoop, reverse sweep etc. It’s about generating momentum and building your innings accordingly. Keeping wickets in hand for the death is crucial so you need a few anchor players who can occupy the crease or even re-build the innings if required.
- Selection. Getting the right balance and combinations goes along way in this format. You need to be able to identify the match winners and utilise them most effectively. Ultimately, it’s down to them to perform. But you need to give the best possible opportunity for them to accomplish themselves instead of being wasted.
- Fielding. Direct hits and running between the wickets can make an influential difference. Its a modern skill.


Stani Army said...

Not over yet Maz, there's still a t20 game left!

At it's essence, t20's a good thing but we should not play too much of it or allow people like Modi to exploit it.

We can see cricket as the three forms and we know that Tests are most important. But for youngsters growing up in these times, all they see and hear is t20. That's the danger.

Maz said...

Partly agree Stani.

Tests and T20 hold the future as Shane Warne says. ODIs are in decline and fading away. A review and decision on its future is expected following the conclusion of the 2011WC !!

Maz said...

"But for youngsters growing up in these times, all they see and hear is t20. That's the danger".

With Pakistan's success you can't blame them. Majority of teenagers in Pakistan just wants to follow T20 unfortunately. Also the media attention and crowd capacity attracts them !!

Wasim said...


A lot of people have suggested different combinations but this perhaps is the best one I have seen so far. Why Waqas did not get selected for the Dubai series? I forgot his full name in the last RBS t20 he played some really good innings.

I would try to make room for Asif and one established batsman in the middle order. But if Fawad proves himself in Dubai then there is no need.

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