Friday, 20 March 2009

TV REFERRALS ???????????

The most recent legislation introduced of TV referrals came as a debatable move. Players, experts, commentators and fans are widely divided upon the move. During this thread I’d like to forward my recommendations on the matter but firstly allow me to take this opportunity to analyse the various disputes surrounding the dilemma.

The regulation stated: “If there was enough convincing evidence the on field decision could be over turned”. As M . Atherton so correctly mentioned on commentary if we wanted to invest in technology we must trust and rely on the devices available to the full and make the decisions accordingly to the technology and simply ignore the disturbing evidence theory.

However one has to consider the amount of time lost in the match. Also in a way it takes the authority of the standing umpire making their position a laughing stock which is rather pointless.

But we have to take into account that the sport industry is modernising and therefore why shall cricket not utilise the variety of resources available? Plus don’t we want to make decisions correctly to satisfy everyone’s needs and prevent a dismissal frustration which could be constructive in the overall outcome?

Overall I would like to draw a conclusion that players should not have any input what so ever on decision making as their function is to play and not question the gestures of umpires. Also with players input its taking valuable time out of the game. Although there is a limit this can be considered unfair as an obvious fault in decision making may have occurred and players weren’t able to refer. I feel that it should either be a private consultation with standing and 3rd umpire to double check decisions as that will be more logical and time saving i.e. the third umpire wants to double-check if the ball had pitched outside the line. Otherwise I don’t see the purpose and would want it to be scrapped by the administrators. It's going to be highly controversial otherwise and develop into a nightmare for one to dispute upon.

Monday, 16 March 2009

England VS Westindies ODI Preview !

Adil Rashid has been waiting patiently for his England debut. Now the time is ripe for him to be granted with the honour as England’s woeful winter descends further calling for a fresh and promising change. Especially with such an eventful and anticipated summer around the corner England should have no hesitation to experiment in youth and open the doors for player competition.

Although Adil’s bowling performance in the recent practice match was nothing to write home about surely the threat and mystery of a leg spinner operating overweighs an orthodox off spinner claiming casual figures of 10-0-1-40. To consolidate my point England should plan efficiently for the future rather than focusing on short term replacements. Also Adil can bat and field very well which is a factor that has to come into consideration in the limited over’s format.

On the whole he is a unique prospect who’s got the potential to turn the tables on the fate of English cricket. Therefore I recommend the ECB and Andrew Strauss to invest and provide him with a worthwhile run in the international arena. So that’s where I stand on the Rashid situation. Yes groove him in ASAP.

Elsewhere, Owais Shah is going through a rough patch of form but we should remain faithful over his position as we all know of the brilliance he can offer in the limited overs format. KP seems to be encountering technical difficulty against the drift of left arm spin. Presuming Prior returns he should bat where he belongs and that is in the opening slot with skipper Andrew Strauss. Ian Bell and Stuart Broad don’t strike me as “ one day material” in my books. I certainly approve of Dimitri Masceranas inclusion as he’s one of the most destructive onslaught forces in the world and his dibbly dobbly medium pacers and shuttle variations come as an effective alternative in the bowling department.

Here is my preferred side :

Strauss ( C)
Prior ( WK)

The ultimate secret success behind the whitewash against the Proteas last summer was the opening seam bowling combination of Anderson and Harmison and therefore back England to continue with that strategy. Like many of our fellow bloggers I’m unsure about Khan but would still experiment in him. I will be tempted to play 2 spinners but regarding England go along with one than Rashid should be given priority.

I am not the best with predictions but although Westindies are carrying the winning momentum back England to win the series 3-2. (Regarding Rashid and Harmison are selected).

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Spinners Analysis

When looking to define a quality spinner we need to consider two aspects......................

1) They need to be skilful in the sense that there has to be the threat of some mystery and uncertainty attached to their bowling.

2) They have to be able to make an impact and the ability to dominate and turn the tables ie spinning a side to victory in the last innings of a test match or picking up some astonishing figures like 6-45 in which us bloggers have something to write home about.

Saqlain , Muhsy and Warne were ideal examples of a quality product in which they had the skills and self determination to change the outcome of a game.

Danish Kaneria may have had 200 + wickets next to his name but what really matters inside is how many times had Kaneria been able to dominate proceedings and turn a match on it’s head because many of the wickets Kaneria captures arrive in meaningless circumstances ie 4-175 . He seems to be more of a container than a wicket taker as his poor average and strike rate has shown. No wonder people are losing patience and trust in him. He ticks the first category of being skilful for certain but hasn’t got the mental ego to dominate in the same manner as Shane Warne and be able to change the outcome of a match.

Alternatively Imran Tahir is an excellent prospect. He is not only more mysterious in terms of having a better leg break , vicious googly and some of his own inventions but has the ability to turn the tables and dominate proceedings like a true “matchwinner” . In fact the amount of first class records were Tahir has been able to turn the tables and claim astonishing figures is uncountable. This highlights the vivid impact spinners can bring to a team and clarifies the difference between a quality and average spinner.

Generally speaking Tahir is a true pleasure to watch in the county arena. There are shades of Abdul Qadir in his cunning approach to the wicket and the way he can bamboozle batsmen with his magic is an admirable art. However, he seems to be unable to play for Pakistan due to him spending majority of his time in Southafrica and England which is a real pity as in my opinion he was the best spinner Pakistan has had in the locker since Mushtaq Ahmed . But he has set his desires on playing for Southafrica and all the best for him.

Not trying to be biased to Sialkot but talking from a technical quality perspective I recommend Mansoor Amjad and Abdul Rehman for the national side. Yasir Shah seems to an interesting prospect but from the little I’ve seen from him he seems to be another “Kaneria”. The offspinner Ajamal seemed to be another fascination but was highly ineffective in the 10 odd ODI matches he’s played. Usman Qadir has been tipped for the next Warne in international cricket but 5 years or so will have to be awaited for his arrival. But one thing has to be established for certain and that is Pakistan must utilise at least 1 specialist in every format because specialists are the ones who are claimed to be “matchwinners” not bits and bobs like Malik and Afridi etc.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

WAA CRICKET ! ( A collection of wickets all bowled ! ) ( The beautiful memories of Pakistan cic ) ( Imran Nazir on fire ) Spinners maserclass from doctor Terry Jerner , Shane Warne + Adil Rashid's mentor. ) ( Asif's potent seam deviation destroying ) ( Paul Collingwood stunner) ( Waqar Younis "flooring" yorker) ( Waqar's best yorker) ( Shoaib Akthar brilliance vs Giles ) ( Shoiab Akthar amazing yorker in 99) ( How do u play that ? ) ( Imran 2 hot to handle) ( Saqi's outstanding doosra ) ( Saqi doosra ) ( Rana vs Vaughn ) ( Rana vs Powell ) ( Rana beauty vs Langer ) ( Rana decieves Sewhag) ( Rana banana inswinger ) ( Rana reverse swing )

Great unmissible cricket videos. Any feedback or comments will be great. Must watch !!!!!!!!

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