Sunday, 8 March 2009

WAA CRICKET ! ( A collection of wickets all bowled ! ) ( The beautiful memories of Pakistan cic ) ( Imran Nazir on fire ) Spinners maserclass from doctor Terry Jerner , Shane Warne + Adil Rashid's mentor. ) ( Asif's potent seam deviation destroying ) ( Paul Collingwood stunner) ( Waqar Younis "flooring" yorker) ( Waqar's best yorker) ( Shoaib Akthar brilliance vs Giles ) ( Shoiab Akthar amazing yorker in 99) ( How do u play that ? ) ( Imran 2 hot to handle) ( Saqi's outstanding doosra ) ( Saqi doosra ) ( Rana vs Vaughn ) ( Rana vs Powell ) ( Rana beauty vs Langer ) ( Rana decieves Sewhag) ( Rana banana inswinger ) ( Rana reverse swing )

Great unmissible cricket videos. Any feedback or comments will be great. Must watch !!!!!!!!

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maza786 said...

That is talent of some extraordinary calibre in the 3rd video when we pay tribute to a neglected name in Pakistan cricket. I mean it's completely unique stroke play which can dominate proceedings and take the opposition to the cleaners. To hit a six first ball in the ICL grand finale over extra cover for 6 needs some explaining. Doesn't it? This upload just highlights the missing talent of Pakistan cricket who could have been the next Viv Richards because as famously quoted By Imran Khan : If Imran Nazir was born in a developed country like Australia he would have been the greatest batsmen alive. This just emphasises the extravagance and sheer brilliance this flamboyant opener provides which is such a delightful sight to admire and visualise from naked eye.

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