Friday, 24 July 2009

Ashes Roundup !

KPS injury has come as a lusty blow for team England. To miss any match comes as a shame for a player as cricket is their profession in which they earn their livings through but ultimately it gives them a thrill and symbol of achievement almost as an addictive activity. However, this injury comes as even more significant due to the Ashes being labeled as the "battle of the titans" in the sense that it's the most meaningful sporting rivalry one can regard.

Nevertheless England is leading the series at 1-0. This is something which has motivated everybody in UK. Freddie was superb and once again demonstrated his credentials as being one of the best all rounder’s in the modern era. He managed to get the crowd right behind him which comes as a boost for any player.

I also feel that the way England dug out in the climax of the Welsh test came as a psychological advantage because it perhaps frustrated Australia whilst overwhelmed England because having been outplayed for 5 days they managed to pull of with something substantial. Most probably the inspirations was provided for the home side as they concluded with the finishing honors and were eager to consolidate upon the crowd’s jubilant reactions. We saw them continue from that jubilance when they held the honors on day one of the 2nd test with Captain Strauss leading from the front. This just highlights how essential holding first honors is especially in a well publicized contest such as the Ashes as it really gets a side's motivation and confidence driving !

Friday, 17 July 2009

Nelson !

The curse of nelson has been a superstitious theory which has been raised in this Lords test. A wicket has occurred several times when a score has reached the palindrome figure. This reminds us all of the former international umpire, David Sheppard and his hopping movements whenever the landmark had been silenced in the anticipation that something unusual was going to happen !

Losing = Negative .....

Pakistan’s two defeats at the hands of Sri Lanka has been a shambolic performance. In both matches Pakistan found themselves in a commanding position, in the sense that they were ready to seal victory but made some school boy errors especially when batting. Psychologically I feel there was a lapse of concentration in the batting department but at the same time Sri Lanka bowled very attackingly and was able to exert a squeeze of pressure on the Pakistani batsmen.

With the exception of Fawad Alam’s sparkling emergence it must be gloomy times in the touring side’s camp. The final test is now a “dead rubber” so the board should take the opportunity to experiment with the line up in order to find some sort of winning combination and restore pride and confidence for both players and supporters.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Ashes Roundup

Yesterday’s finale was what test cricket is meant to be about- a thrilling contest which examines one’s ability. Monty demonstrated his batting credentials and dealt with the pressure handling along with Jimmy to grant England a well dugout draw from the jaws of defeat.

You could feel the adrenalin pumping in the crowd as each defended delivery was greeted with a cheer. This was the perfect start to what promises to be an eventful 5 match contest.

I am proud to announce that Ashes fever has ignited Britain. Business sponsorships, passionate approach and media reaction has been overwhelming and it’s only just been heated up!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Ashes To Ashes !

The Ashes commence this week and both sides seem equally balanced this time round, making it difficult for one to actually predict any such favourite. Cardiff will host the first of the traditional 5 test matches in a series. A good start is highly significant for both sides.

On a kind of separate note I would like to remark that Anil Kumble was an excellent addition to the commentary box during the concluded T20WC. Equally it will be interesting to see Shane Warne bantering with the English men in the Sky Sports coverage team during the Ashes series !

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