Monday, 13 July 2009

Ashes Roundup

Yesterday’s finale was what test cricket is meant to be about- a thrilling contest which examines one’s ability. Monty demonstrated his batting credentials and dealt with the pressure handling along with Jimmy to grant England a well dugout draw from the jaws of defeat.

You could feel the adrenalin pumping in the crowd as each defended delivery was greeted with a cheer. This was the perfect start to what promises to be an eventful 5 match contest.

I am proud to announce that Ashes fever has ignited Britain. Business sponsorships, passionate approach and media reaction has been overwhelming and it’s only just been heated up!


maza786 said...

Don’t get me wrong but I am a fan of Hauritz or Ritz which is often heard on the stump mike. He gets good purchase of turn, revs and drifts on the ball, often hitting good lengths with everlasting control.

He may not have that "larger than life" personality to intimidate batsmen in the same manner as Shane Warne neither will he have that ability to dominate in quite the same way. But all in all for a traditional offie to claim those figures, frequently getting that ball to talk was impressive stuff.

Must have been utterly insane when attempting to fulfil those shoes of the great Warne.

tabi Inc. said...

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