Friday, 24 July 2009

Ashes Roundup !

KPS injury has come as a lusty blow for team England. To miss any match comes as a shame for a player as cricket is their profession in which they earn their livings through but ultimately it gives them a thrill and symbol of achievement almost as an addictive activity. However, this injury comes as even more significant due to the Ashes being labeled as the "battle of the titans" in the sense that it's the most meaningful sporting rivalry one can regard.

Nevertheless England is leading the series at 1-0. This is something which has motivated everybody in UK. Freddie was superb and once again demonstrated his credentials as being one of the best all rounder’s in the modern era. He managed to get the crowd right behind him which comes as a boost for any player.

I also feel that the way England dug out in the climax of the Welsh test came as a psychological advantage because it perhaps frustrated Australia whilst overwhelmed England because having been outplayed for 5 days they managed to pull of with something substantial. Most probably the inspirations was provided for the home side as they concluded with the finishing honors and were eager to consolidate upon the crowd’s jubilant reactions. We saw them continue from that jubilance when they held the honors on day one of the 2nd test with Captain Strauss leading from the front. This just highlights how essential holding first honors is especially in a well publicized contest such as the Ashes as it really gets a side's motivation and confidence driving !


Stani Army said...

Maz, the Aussies will win it 1-2! They should have had the first two Tests easily.

England are forgetting that Aus scored over 400 runs in the 4th innings even though they lost the 2nd Test. Scoring that in the 4th innings is not easy and means they have found something.

Pietersen being out and Flintoff probably not making the end of the series will mean the end of the English chances. The Aussies have Lee to come back too.

Stani Army said...

The funny thing is that in my opinion, neither side as been picking it's best bowling attack. My picks:


Lee (if fit) or Watson



maza786 said...

Yh I kind of agree with u Stani. Thanks for the contribution to the post.

I really rate this Swanny guy. So effective and deceptive with those off breaks. In my opinion he is the best option in the spinning department England have had in a long time.

maza786 said...

My ODI prediction ahead of the Pak-Sri contest firmly lies with Pakistan. Same 4 U ?

Certainly with the specialist unique limited overs gifted mouthwatering prospects back into the reckoning ie Imran Nazir and Rana Naved they should gain some sort of an advantage.

But getting the "team balance" right is crucial otherwise an effective winning strategy won't be able to be enforced. Players personal comfort zone must also be considered.

Are u interested in county cricket ? If so which counties do u support or enjoy watching ?

maza786 said...

Owais Shah should have replaced KP
I feel. Bell is a gr8 touchy player btw Shah is equally as capable in the middle order whereas Bopara's weaknesses are beginning to get exploited by the Aussie attack.

So all in all Bopara should perhaps make way for Shah and Bell ..............

maza786 said...

Stani just trust me that the Aussies will have to play "out of their skins" to retain the ashes from here.

Neverthless as they say there are 3 games to go and cricket can be a funny game LOL ! Plus Aussies are always renowned to be able to fight back with some sheer brilliance !

BTW the absences of GM and Shane Warne seem to be proving highly influential in their decline from world dominance.

Stani Army said...

Swann's ok...until I get there ;o)

The Lankans are a good ODI side. I think it will be a even contest and very close in the end.

I usually follow the counties with the Stani players. My favourite was sussex when Mush was there but now I just keep an eye out for all the Stani players.

I can't say anything bad about Ravi, he used to be at school with me!

maza786 said...

Stani, I also used to support Sussex. Mushy was an instrumental figure in their county success.

Now days I like watching Yorkshire .....

I was disappointed about the restriction of just 1 sole overseas player rule.

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