Monday, 3 August 2009

Sledging !

"Chin Music" has to flourish through the words.

Is sledging in the limitations of the sports spirit? During this thread I would like to look into various perspectives.

On the one hand cricket is a non-contact sport and therefore some on field banter shall be acceptable as it adds that extra spark to the game. It can really pump up one’s body language and provide him with the motivation to deliver the credentials as a player will be eager outclass his opponent in a contest especially if some words have been exchanged. Or in other terms a player will be keen to prove him better then what might have been spoken of him. Therefore the banter provides some challenge for a player to relish upon and makes cricket rivalry’s seem more meaningful to watch.

But for the players fielding can get dull and dim in patches as one may experience. So consequently some banter may just increase a side’s liveliness in the field. Australia have had some tendency of doing this for decades so one can ask “why can’t other sides join in with the fun and games” and seek somewhat of a psychological boost from “words”.

However cricket is a combination of 3 departments in batting, bowling and fielding so ought one not to let the cricket do the talking as opposed to the mouthy stuff. Also it kind of causes distractions for batsmen so why shall one want to seek such a large advantage from this so called sledging phrase because as highlighted previously cricket should let the action do the talking not the words : “Actions speak louder than words”.

I am too indecisive to be able to weigh up the factors over this topic so I’ll stand on the fence and let the bloggers voice their thoughts on this debatable gamesmanship issue.


Infinite Solution said...

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maza786 said...
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Stani Army said...

Maz, I think its alright if it dont go too far. No swears. I also think that nohing should be allowed to be said whilst an over is being bowled because batsmen do have to still concentrate in beteen balls too.

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