Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Ashes Urn is England's Once More

The Ashes triumph has been an overwhelming achievement for people in the UK and made their summer a memorable one. The result of a 2-1 conclusion has been a repetition of 2005. But yet the quality of play and team strength of both sides greatly differed. Although the series wasn’t as attractive as that of 2005 no one can exclude the meaningfulness of an Ashes victory from an English point of view as so much historical context and national pride goes into that precious urn and the fact that they regained it once more in such a minor margin of time sparkles a cause of celebration especially when taking into consideration the mammoth margin of time Australia retained beforehand.

The series produced some magical moments that swayed the game in the different directions each time. This promotes an advert for the need and existence of test matches in the foreseeable future.

Australia’s decline from world domination was further demonstrated in this series. They had no such ruthless individual that could dominate proceedings single handily. This suggests contests are beginnings to become more competitive and therefore more interesting to view.


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