Monday, 15 June 2009


India’s elimination was an unexpected exit by the previous champions. Many supporters and fans would have been heartbroken by this performance. But no excuses can be made other then the team’s defeats against 2 sides they would have fancied there chances against in England and West indies. Those 2 of course meet today for a contest which has been repeated numerously throughout this year but this time in a do or die situation.

The tournament as a whole has been an unpredictable one thus far with several tight nail biting climax encounters and surprises. But now the action is steaming up as the competition approaches the knock-out stages in the most thrilling heat absorbing format one can experience.

Strap your seat belts fastened for meaningful action packed drama from Britain’s 3 most picturesque venues ………………………….


Although many argue that this can be a dicey lottery structure i.e. the chasing side requiring a boundary of the final delivery. This usually is a case by sheer fortune as suggested by events this month because no team really deserves to lose in the circumstance as no one has really won convincingly like a test match in which we can clearly differentiate why a side emerged victorious due to a longer course of play and technical requirements as opposed to just holding your nerve in the crucial moment.

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