Saturday, 1 May 2010

2 Hours and a bit to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Todays team against the Bengalis has been announced and is as follows :

Salman Butt*

My message to the players:"Dil Dil Pakistan… in a few hours we will be launching our campaign ICC T20 2010, we are the champs, lets play like champs !! Go BoomBoom and the gang !"

There is currently the India vs. Afghanistan game in progression and the outfield is slow, ball is doing a bit too both for the spinners and seamers, looks a good wicket!


Purna said...

Maz, I hope you know this is war!

Maz said...

"Pakistan cricket may be in turmoil but that has rarely been an indicator of how they will play. And Twenty20 is just down their alley. It rewards instinct, freedom and fearlessness, and that has been the hallmark of Pakistan cricket."- Harsha Bhogle

Maz said...

India beat Afghanistan by 7 wickets!

Maz said...

Pakistan 172/3 at half way

Salman Butt was wonderful to watch and has poked back at his critics with bang, hats off to him

classy knock

however the Bengali bowling attack is nothing compared to Australia

so lets see how he goes tomorrow

well played to Kamran g too :)

Maz said...

Bangla posted 151/6 in reply

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