Thursday, 6 May 2010

Pakistani Perspective

Could an inspirational moment like this below turn Pakistan's fate once more like it did last year !

Pakistan finds itself in familiar territory once more. The equation from here is simple and no rocket science by any means, win 4 games are we are crowned champions once more, lose a game and we will be eliminated or lose our champions status we proudly hold. This is exactly similar to last year actually, Pakistan lost to Sri Lanka in their first super eights encounter and therefore needed to win from their onwards which they did against NZ, Ireland, RSA and the Lankans, the latter in the final on June 22nd at Lords. Similarly, just like last year we face NZ in a do or die situation. Pakistan holds a clean 100% winning record against the Kiwis in twenty over internationals, however although this should give the lads some confidence going ahead into Saturday’s all important game, complacency just isn’t the way forward and Pakistan must ensure they deliver the goods that day and impress one and all and really play like a “champion” and determined unit in order to please their much loved and ever following passionate supporters.

My message:"Pakistan should play Hammad Azam, Khalid Latif and Abdur Rehman in the next match... now its do or die time for team Pakistan, get a grip boys!"

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greyblazer said...

Of course Pakistan can comeback as they can never be taken lightly but yesterday's performance wasn't good enough.

Please have a look at my article on yesterday's match.


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