Saturday, 8 May 2010

Cricket Can Be Cruel ! :(

Pakistan lost to NZ by 1 run in a super 8 encounter ! Very disappointing result it must be said and I personally am heartbroken!

Mathematically Pakistan can still progress to the semis nonetheless !

Actually us getting through to the semis is much easier than I initially thought despite the painful defeat yesterday!

Additionally, in T20 cricket anything is possible !

Our title defence is still a mathematical possibility I optimistically say!

I totally agree like many others that we don’t deserve to go through though, but my heart wants it to be deep down !

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Stani Army said...

I just cant believe we lost that. I was sitting with family and as soon as Rehman got bat onto ball, everyone start celebrating but I knew it was in the air....all of a sudden everyone was gob-smacked. It was a draining moment, so close!

Guess our English boys will have to do us favour and we'll have to take care of the Soufricans.

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