Saturday, 15 May 2010

ICC World T20 Final 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow's final is arguably bigger than the precious and symbolic urn displayed below in my view. Can England win their first ICC tournament in many years of participation or will Australia add to their remarkable tally the T20 crown as well? Tomorrow shall determine...................


Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...

England's triumph was something special for sure... I would say it was better than Pakistan's in 2009 from a performance perspective.. the England side beat all the top side convincingly and had a 100% winning record in all full completed games, they are thoroughly deserving winners for sure who should enjoy the moment

"In order to be the best, you have to beat the best" and that's what England did ! They won 5 matches in a row from the super eight stage onwards and 4 on them were successful run chases ! KP was player of the tournament and deserved it too, he is at the top of his life at the moment with the world champions status and the fact that he is a father! Flying back over the Atlantic was a worthwhile thing to do Mr KP, what a week for you ! England beat Pak/RSA/NZ/SRI LANKA and Australia = Champions for sure whereas last year Pakistan only beat the minnows Holland, Ireland, NZ and then RSA and the Lankans in the big games - Maaz

Although I enjoyed last year more from a personal point of view, this English triumph felt far more comprehensive !

Stani Army said...

Absolutely agree Maz.

England have finally won something real. Forget the Ashes, this was a real tournament, a real trophy.

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