Thursday, 28 January 2010

Azeem's Side R Nearly There.............

Will Azeem Ghumman and Pakistan get their hands on the U19WC and consequently be the first team to win a hattrick of crowns :) :P ? This top achievement will need to be recognised and celebrated ! Certainly this game deserves much more attention that the last 2 ODIs at Perth, WACCA Ground.

Will Azeem join Khalid Latif and Sarfaz Ahmed on the winning captains list ? Saturday awaits us !


Maz said...

Pakistan Zindabad ;-)

HR said...

Yeh Cup hamara hai :D

Maz said...

These aspects have stood out for me by U19 :

1) The U19 team can play under pressure and deliver the goods. Here I'm talking about the run chases against WI in the semi final, against India in the quarter final and against Bangla when the odds were against them. Our senior team collapses like a pack of domino cards under pressure. The team were heavily hyped and were being televised so there was pressure and expectation involved.
2) Consistency. The likes of Hammad Azam who is an aggressive batsmen but yet hasn't been dismissed represents and suggests consistency and astonishment. Our seniors are more often than not inconsistent. And also, UQ hasn't had one bad game yet. 100% winning record by team overall. 4 consecutive successful run chases.
3) Fighting ability. Even when the odds were against them like chasing 39 off 2 overs against Bangla they kept believing and trying as well as against WI in the semi final when they were 49-4. This suggests and symbolises determination, desire, hard work and belief, aspects which we don't really see from our senior team.
4) Fielding. Much better. Captain leads from the front and sets the standards. The techniques are much more sound for sure.
5) Captaincy. Has a strategy in mind and sticks with it, rotates his bowlers well and alters with the field effectively and accordingly. Looks to make things happen unlike MoYo.

Maz said...

Occupation: Student

The U19 performances suggest Pakistan has the talent and ingredients to become a top force and revive the country's image in the future. Its just a matter of the PCB realising and getting some brains so they can utilise the talent effectively and successfully on the international stage !

This current nepotistic corrupt approach and political dividing never allows the team to fulfill their talent and do the nation proud which is a necessity as the meaning and influence of cricket for Pakistan at a global level is necessary for the country to be renown with some positiveness and life as opposed to sheer hardship and vulnerability otherwise we will continue to be renown as a lifeless and hopeless nation. Cricket is of such significance that its indescribable to dictate in words.

Therefore, the authorities need to get a grip and make some wise and long term decisions for the better.

Wasim said...


So far the U19 team has shown that they know how to win something which our senior team lacks.

Australian team also looks good it will be a tough match if our batting came good then we will win it.

Azeem Ghuman is quite intelligent his field placement and his bowling changes were excellent now in this big match he has to score some runs.

You are right about the senior team, I think if we improve our fielding we could have won the test series in NZ and Australia.
I don't think changing players will improve the standard of batting may be better coaching might help teach them how to pace and build their innings.

The most important thing is that these players should learn from their mistakes and improve from here on.

Maz said...

Wasim, the U19WC must have been a great learning curve for the youngsters(young guns) !

Ijaz Ahmed or Moin Khan should be coach I feel. They know how to run a side and improve it the best !

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