Thursday, 7 January 2010

PCB Ki Fate.........................

I still can’t seem to get over the daunting and devastating defeat. The fact that they dominated the scene for 3 days but yet ended up on the losing side says something about their capability to collapse like no other sporting unit. We are now strongly facing the possibility of another Australian whitewash just like we did 5 years back. What an embarrassment that will undoubtedly be. But with the series more or less over and the final match being a dead rubber the PCB should make some drastic alterations for the better. We can’t accept results of such depression and hurt and further. As Kamran Abbasi says on pakspin, Pak cric is going through the most crucial period in its unpredictable history of ups and downs currently. Following years of unpredictability and international isolation it is a time of literally “make” or “break” for the cricketing passionate but starved nation. Hence, key planning and wise decisions from the authorities are essential. Lets hope our corrupt nepotistic board can turn a corner and use some wisdom at long last.

This is what I would do had I been in the authorities position:

1) Drop tinny butter fingers Kami. His flaws have proved so costly.

2) Sack the MoYo and appoint Shahid Afridi or even Salman Butt. Trust me Salman strikes as “captaincy material” in test cricket at least.

3) Drop Faisal and Misbah Ul Huq . Bring in Imran Nazir. Such a gifted counter attack player who could and will be an asset in the middle order for test cricket. He is an opener by trade but I can identify a talent and personal strength.

4)Play an all rounder. The team balance has been affected without. Rana, Razzaq or Yasir Arafat who could bat at no8 and of course bowl. The batting has lacked depth for sure which has come as a part downfall in both 4th innings chases. Instead the tail batted as if they hadn’t lifted the piece of willow before.


Stani Army said...

May be we're to blame to some extent. We really shouldn't expect something good from these clowns. Yes, we played some good cricket for the majority of the Test but when you lose in such embarrassing circumstance then there is no point.

If we drop Faisal, we can bring in Afridi. Malik can still be a direct replacement for Misbah.

We definitely need to fit Rana in somewhere

Maz said...

What an inspirational article from Kamran Abbasi ! He is 100% right. Cricket hai Pakistan ki jaan…
Without the nation would be incomplete big time. It is more than just a game. It is a forefront economical and social activity which also influences the political front.

Therefore, we as citizens and passionate dedicated supporters must keep it alive. We must campaign and maintain supportiveness and passionate. After all we can’t let our country collapse. We care for the future.
Especially at this crucial period of time

Maz said...

President Zadari and PCB management get a grip !

Stani Army said...

I think Kamran Abbasi was a bit too emotional in that piece Maz. We have to fix a lot of other things in Pakistan before our cricket will be fixed with any lasting result. We certainly cannot trust or rely on Zardari to do it. He’ll probably end up naming the PCB after Benzir Bhutto and sucking even more money out of it.

I’m surprised Kamran Abbasi wrote that…for someone so learned, he seemed detached from the reality of the situation.

Maz said...

That may sound unrealistic now Stani but that may well be an eventuality if we are not cautious or the authorities are not cautious shall I say. We all know how badly the nations image has been affected during the “noughties” decade. Cricket or other arts along with international help and hope can only rescue us and ensure this decade doesn’t bring much of the same. Therefore, we must raise awareness over the sports significance before it’s too late. Over emotional or not Kamran has shown his passion and patriotism towards Pakistan. What a wonderful individual he is. In my opinion his campaigning and raising of concerns for the games survival in his and our beloved nation is necessary for the foreseeable future.

Stani Army said...

Like the new look Maz!

Maz said...

I agree on Umar’s pathetic injury fake to help out his elder sibling. The disgrace is of shocking magnitude. Brotherly love. Umar should stay away from this otherwise his reputation, as an individual will be damaged. Just stick to the playing Umar and refrain from the political events. If Kamran isn’t dropped for the Hobart test many will be infuriated and raising serious concerns over what’s been going on in this gloomy week of question for Pak cric.

We need to find out the culprits in this result of team dividing and give them a serious warning. What a foolish way to act when you have been chosen to be an ambassador of your nation. Neither of the other test playing nations has got this problem but Pak have got a history of it. I can’t stress how much of a disgrace this is especially at a time and age when the nation is in a state of ruins. Our concentration of problems are enough, we don’t need any more thank you. I feel the management is at the centre of responsibility for this outcome. They accept nuisance and don’t act responsively to a situation of such.

Thanks Stani btw

Shehzeb said...

Imran Nazir should definitely be in the team...all he needs is a batting coach just like others to work on his short comings...

Nazir is a serious threat to opposition and if he can work out his flaws, he'll prove to be deadly...He should definitely play in all format as he's naturally aggressive & counter attacking in nature...his stats may say otherwise but he has the ability, only application of that talent is needed...

Misbah & Faisal should be dropped for sure...Kami should play as specialist batsman in all formats as he's a gifted batsman much like his brother...

Omer Admani said...

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of Sarfaraz Ahmed with the bat, but the coach saying they will play Akmal because of his batting in ODI’s is ridiculous. And, I’ll show here why:

Player Test Average First-class average
Mohd Yousof 53.63 50.11
Younis Khan 50.09 50.55
Kamran Akmal 33.55 32.43
Shoaib Malik 36 29.87
Fawad Alam 41.66 56.29
Sarfaraz Ahmed 44.78 -
Umar Gul 8.96 11.66
Mohammad Amir 13.9 13.45
Asif 4.68 7.94

Note that these are all middle order and lower order batsmen. If there is any position where there is somewhat of a discrepancy between first-class average and test match average (a difference in average of around 7-8 runs), then it is at the opening spot– understandably, since the pitches inside Pakistan are very flat.

In Fawad Alam’s case, he has only played 3-4 matches, so the discrepancy doesn’t account for much. In Malik’s case, he might have improved as a batsman as he came as a bowler and would have played a disproportionate number of matches initially primarily as a bowler. Apart from these, there is a remarkable correlation between first-class averages and test match averages. In other words, Sarfaraz Ahmed is probably, if given a consistent run, a better batsman than Kamran Akmal. And, he kept relatively much better.

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