Saturday, 23 January 2010

Pakistan Beat India In U19 Quarter Final !

MOM Fayyaz Butt is below with the one and only. Above are the team that have done the nation proud !!!! Congratulations Mr Ghumman and team.

They now play WI in the semi final on Monday with the Final on Saturday 30th. I back them to win glory.

Here below are the highlights of the quarter final against India.


Stani Army said...

What a game Maz!!!

WI will be dangerous, they did well against England who looked a very professional outfit.

Maz said...

Absolutely Stani :D

Stani Army said...

The Indian youngsters learn to swear at the opposition very early don't they?

Maz said...

What do u mean "early" Stani ? Every kid even my age knows all the swear words... Majority use the language whereas a minority don't.

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