Sunday, 3 January 2010

Today@The Test SCG 2010, 2nd Test, Day 1

We were all over the Aussies today. What a grand start to 2010. Hats off to the Mohammad’s . Ricky’s toss decision has partly payed the penalty. Once more he underestimates Pakistan. I doubt he will get away with it this time. But that as a sole reason for Australia’s below par performance today is total exaggeration. It was simply and frankly the brilliance of Asif and Sami’s bowling on what was nevertheless a decent track to bat on. After all professional batsmen should be able to perform on any given day regardless of the pitch and conditions. Well top batsmen can anyway which is what Australian’s middle order are said to be. Therefore, just the toss decision is a lame/pathetic excuse for the Aussies. They are just still not used to having dark days like these.

Sami bowled with good rhythm, pace and discipline. He has really poked back at his critics and once again shown why he was such a prospect when he emerged on the scene many years back. Imran Khan rates him highly and now we once again begin to realise why. Asif on the other, was also splendid. Incidentally, he made his debut on this very venue 5 years back when he was very expensive. But what a bowler he has transformed into now. Had he refrained from the extracurricular activities I’m sure he would have been up there with his sights on overtaking some record breakers. His absence from the arena has really upheld his capability in terms of stats.


Maz said...

Pak should win this match from here.

-They should try to bat once only.

-Build a sizeable lead.

- Then leave it to the bowlers.

-I think the game will be over by day 3 or 4.

Stani Army said...

Ponting's scared of bowling first because of his previous experiences. This is what happens when you come into a game with pre-conceived ideas, it influences your judgement. How he batted first on that pitch I do not know. He must have had a heart attack when the wickets started to tumble.

He has been saying we're good in the press but I still think he underestimated us.

Sami; That's the difference between fast-medium and fast. Out and out pace, consistent pace, is priceless. It rushes and panics batsmen.

I hope our batsmen do us justice. Whatever happens, there will be a winner in this one :)

Maz said...

Stani, we are in a commanding position. But only a team like Pakistan can lose from here if u get what I mean lol.

Maz said...
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HR said...

In order to utilize the morning conditions on Day 3 Pak should declare now, Dan & Asif won't be able to add much runs from here & would rather waste the crucial time i.e. the start session where the overcast conditions favors the bowlers & if Pakistan opens the bowling on day 3 they will have a good chance to hit timber & get some early wickets and batting in Sydney becomes a little easy during the afternoon.

Stani Army said...

We need one of their openers early. Cant allow them to do to us what we did to them. If their openers stick, pressure will be back on us. Danish needs to step up.

Maz said...

We are on the brink of victory :-D.

What a "peach" of a ball was that dismissal of Johnson. Cracking flight and disguised googly to defeat him.
I hope Kaneria can get a 5 for. He deserves it!

Maz said...

Aussies 80/8 effectively !

Stani Army said...

...and that's 80 our batsmen have to get Maz. That's what scares me. We need Butt and Farhat to do the same and snuff their early aggression.

Maz said...

True Stani.

Johnson was completely tempted in flight/angle and bamboozled by the way the ball sneaked through, turning the other way !

Maz said...

Kaneria went bezerk after that. Never seen anything like it.
It was hilarious to watch.

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