Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Shocking Pakistan :(

The test may have been a great advert for the game but this is just a piss take or confidence breaker for Pakistan. They came so close to a rare victory against Australia, it was literally out of the question for Australia to win during many points of the match but yet it was the eventuality. Yes, a heartbreaking outcome indeed. A depressing emotion is going through many supporters and rightly so. So much support and time is dedicated to the game and yet this is how the national team performs. Diabolical. Many from this point would have lost faith and interest and again rightly so. Even a minnow side wouldn’t have faltered from the day 3 overnight situation.

The field setting was absolutely the height of frustration for us (supporters). Cold headed logic. Just gifting the opposition an opportunity to get back in the game. Such a defensive unjustifiable tactic. This also, released the pressure off the batsmen. They were able to get settled and get their eye in with the simplest of ease. It was as if the score line was reading something totally different. Pathetic captaincy and even management from the coach or senior players. Didn’t they realise how fatal this whole episode was developing into? But even then, when some realisation was beginning to kick in the batsmen were settled and the more superior of the forces.

Furthermore, 3 drop catches from a professional wicket keeper is totally beyond acceptance. This was penalising agony, but this is not like the first time this has happened. I expect a change soon. Consolidating on the criticisms, Nathan Hauritz was made to look like a demon or emperor. He bagged another 4th innings 5 for. He bowled well and deserves credit but to be honest it was only orthodox finger spin. Such a poor method or controlling of instincts proved to be a downfall once again.

Nevertheless, many would have said that this is respectable defeat due to the matter of fact that Pak have taken 20 wickets and competed. But that is total nuisance. If one can’t push for a victory from such a commanding position, then how can they expect to win any other test? Therefore, this a daunting occurrence in terms of future reference. That statement may have been a respectable regarding had the game been a different more neck on neck situation but it wasn’t to be, instead Pak dominated for 3 days but yet ended up on the losing side. In that capacity, it is worrying. In fact, that is an understatement. It is demoralising, visually devastating and heartbreaking.


Stani Army said...

We're the laughing stock of cricket. This was an embarrassing defeat.

Reverse Swing said...

we can collect many positives from the test match but all is individual brilliance nothing more , collectively as a team we are worse then minnows at crucial stages.

You had held them for three days for God sake how the hell can you be so nervous and frightened next morning all of a sudden? Something I still can't get?

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