Friday, 29 October 2010

Why Pak Can Win The 2011 WC!?

Will 2/4/11=25/3/92 & 21/6/09!? Is there hope? Surely a lasting legacy script awaits for the likes of Shoaib Akhtar who would love to retire victoriously and triumphantly with something to cherish or savour?

- It is virtually a knock out tournament as it is already inevitable which team will make it to the knock out stages as both groups consist of 4 well renowned Test Playing Nations and 3 minnows with all due respect to them being there

-If Pakistan peak at the right time and the big players come to the party we all know then how good Pakistan can truly be then, they are invincible and unmatchable when they are at their best. When they play will a smile and with energy they are a treat to admire or watch

- Playing the minnows such as Canada, Kenya & Zimbabwe in the group stages should of course be easy wins for Pakistan. This is a perfect platform and opportunity for the big players to discover some form, rhythm and confidence before the knock out decisive encounters which will assist peaking at the right time!!!

-Both times Pakistan won the WC the preparation was inadequate and all signs were pointing to the wrong direction. Yet we battled though the difficulties and hardships, had some inspirational on field moments and performances and emerged as WC champions out of the blue! Perhaps 2011 will be similar? Why not?

- 6 group matches is guaranteed which is a substantial amount of time in order to discover the perfect team before the decisive encounters. Surely things can't go that bad for us and there will be some clear benefits and positives gained in the 6 group matches, especially with 3 being played against minnows which will boost our team psychologically, mentally and physically before when it matters most in the quarter finals!

The streets of Toronto, Birmingham, Bradford, Luton, Ilford, Karachi, Lahore & everywhere else Stanis exist shall be partying on April 3rd 2011 when we will be "Champions again" As Faras Ghani titled his book dedicated to the WT20 Triumph in 2009. I urge our Pakistani faithful to remain hopeful and optimistic. Recent times may have been heart breaking, destroying, sickening and shameful, however there could be light at the end of the tunnel for all the aforementioned factors stated. Winning the WC is easier then we think it is and is well within our capabilities if things go our way when it matters!

Anything can happen in the WC this time around. Whilst it may not be able to single out the real "winner" or "best ,"who would simply consider complaining when it will suit your side's overall chances of success and even glory?

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