Sunday, 31 October 2010

Razzler Is Gold!

He was on fire! Hitting sixes at will!

109* of just 72 balls including 10 maximums! The real "Boom Boom" as Afridi said in the post match presentation. Pakistan magically square the series with 3 to play in Dubai.

He was a genius! It was one of the all time greatest performances one can witness on the cricketing field. It was astonishing. It was remarkable. It was an innings of a life time. An unforgettable moment that will live long in my memory.

Razzler Dazzler is someone to stand and admire as Pakistan narrowly won at Sheikh Zayed Stadium from the jaws of defeat and truly out of the blue! A heroic innings and needless to say a match winning one!

The sheer ease and professionalism in which he cleared the ropes was adorable and admirable. The confidence, the expressiveness, the bat speed, follow through and reaction was all perfection personified.

An extremely proud day for Pakistan Cricket! The atmosphere on facebook fan pages, pakpassion and the blogosphere has been second to none as Razzaq played a knock to say that he played an unmissable gem is a big understatement. It was beyond imagination!

Brilliance!Phenomenal! Absolutely unbelievable!

For me personally this beats Hussey's heroics on the 14th of May in St Lucia which broke our hearts. This beats Miandad's illustrious last ball six in Sharjah. All the mentioned were remarkable and astonishing but this was something spectacular! A champion knock under pressure from the Pakistani all-rounder.

Such performances just make you realise how outstanding Pakistan can be when they click and have some inspirational on field moments,one of the reasons why I stated we can become 2011 WC Winners! Is this the start of bigger and better things to come!?

This one of course is head and shoulders above his other knocks this year but he has also delivered brilliance in other matches this year as well such as:

1) 46* of 18 balls in the UAE 2nd T20 vs. England in February
2) 71 of 29 balls in the domestic T20 final
3) 44 of just 20 balls in the 4th ODI vs. England at Lords
4) 33 of just 19 balls in the Friends Provident T20 Final against Somerset

Has to be one the best year's in Razzaq's batting career surely?


Wasim said...


Such performances just make you realise how outstanding Pakistan can be when they click and have some inspirational on field moments,one of the reasons why I stated we can become 2011 WC Winners! Is this the start of bigger and better things to come!?

Honestly it wasn't Pakistan team winning against South Africa it Was Abdul Razzaq winning against them.
You can win one or two matches based on individual brilliance but to win a WC the whole team has to show up.

just take a look at all the recent victories you will rarely find a match which Pakistan won because of team effort we always win on the back of two or three players.

I wouldn't raise my hopes even for the rest of the series let alone the world cup, SA will drop Morkel and bring Theron and that will just take care of Pakistan's late order assault.

Our Top order will have to control their nerves and play proper cricket.

The problem is more psychological than technical the players are not playing freely they are under a lot of pressure and as a result playing negative cricket. Except one or two changes the team is fine but I wouldn't call it a team unless the top five batsman start performing.

HR said...

Razzaq showed his team mates the real meaning of these words "Never stop playing, you haven’t won until your opponent is off the field and the victory is yours". We have waited for so long for this moment of joy of winning a match against one of the best teams in the world, what we witnessed last night was l...east expected. True said “Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.”

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...


Interesting you say that because in my view Pakistan can win the WC based on individual brilliance as opposed to a collective team effort. Individual brilliance will lift the team psychologically and mentally. They will be pumped up and raring to go as a result and that is when Pakistan play their best cricket. When they play with energy and confidence they are unmatchable and the best team by some distance to watch. Optimism and hope is the way forward.

This Razzaq knock could spark the start of a new era? Just like that Afridi catch at the Oval vs. NZ in the 2009 ICC World T20! One individual performance can lift the team big time.

It is not all singing and dancing as we have our limitations.

Our captain has been able to demand the respect from our players but is tactically weak and conservative in approach. Malik and YK are better options for captaincy.

We have been incapable of posting competitive totals consistently.

However, we will have always had some sort of weaknesses and have been able to battle through with our strengths and talents.

Stani Army said...

It was amazing no doubt...probably the best ODI innings ever...definitely the best I've seen in my life time.

The S.A bowlers would have definitely put in a plan on how to bowl to Razzaq now for tomorrow. I reckon its gonna be all full now. They tried the short and slower balls and just got murdered. Pommie Mbangwa was loving it...he was going berserk.

The only issue I have is the consistency one. Razzaq needs to play well more often.

I agree with Wasim that S.A will hit back and we may not even win another game. Thy just got into that tunnel vision and couldn't think straight as Razzaq went mad. Unless our other players are lifted by what Razzaq did, we will still lose this series.

Let's enjoy the moment though

Freehit said...

I am with Wasim.Winning one or maybe two games on the basis of individual performances is possible.But,for a whole WC,you need a team with the right environment and attitude.(Capability too,but that Pakistan has)

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