Thursday, 28 October 2010

Pakistan's Decline in T20 Dominance 2010

I decide to write this piece after Pakistan's back to back defeats against SA in UAE on the 26th and 27th of October 2010. Both times Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat first but posted lacklustre and uncompetitive totals and consequently lost both encounters by 6 wickets.

Previously, Pakistan lost to England convincingly in a T20 series 2-0 on September 5th and 7th respectively. This means they have been whitewashed by both England and SA and have now lost 4 T20 matches consecutively.

From world champions on 21st June 2009 in London they are now a laughing stock!

Overall, Pakistan have lost 10/15 (66.7%) T20 Matches so far in 2010. This includes unsuccessfully being able to retain their World T20 Title in the Caribbean between 30th April-16th May. Only 10 months after tasting glory and winning triumphantly at Lords on that memorable scorching Sunday afternoon. It's fair to say Pakistan are no longer the best T20 side in the world and are in decline when comparing to this time last year for instance.

Lost to Australia in a sole T20 Match

Drew 1-1 vs England in the UAE

Beat Australia 2-0 in England

Lost 2-0 vs England in England

Lost 2-0 vs SA in the UAE

The victorious frequencies has been limited after such a promising and highly successful start in the format. Pakistan have also now been over taken by SA in terms of the most T20 wins recorded.

T20 should be a format where Pakistan can thrive and excel due to the fact that there is no application, patience, technical testing, mental toughness, temperament, commitment requirements really needed for example like Test Cricket. It is all about natural talent, skill, motivation, handling pressure, confidence and expressiveness. Hence, it is ideal and highly suited for Pakistani players. We have had overwhelming and considerable success in this version of the game, however we need to keep it up and not lack behind. It should or could be something where we are dominant and gain a proud reputation from. It could be seen as a version of strength and pride.

The credentials and attributes to flourish in the format are well and truly available in abundance. It is just about getting the right combinations on to the playing field and for the players to click and unite by performing on a motivational stage as many more people back home have the time and willingness to watch this shortened action packed, mouth watering, eventful and heavily exciting format.

In order for our T20 dominance to be regained or revived, Pakistan will need to put on a good show in NZ where they will next have their T20 assignment by playing a 3 Match Series in between Christmas and New Year. Nothing but a 3-0 whitewash should be accepted from the men in green then! I look forward to regaining our T20 dominance sooner then later and back the players to flourish in the format. Selection, individual form and strategy hold the key in order to succeed.

Shahzaib Hassan Khan

He has know played 6 T20s in a row for Pakistan and his scores are as follows: 0,0,21,3,12,6. This is an average of just 7 runs per innings. He always looks so lost, unconvincing, inadequate and extremely ugly at the crease whenever he represents Pakistan. He may be a demon at the domestic level in Pakistan and score heavily and consistently but the reality is that at the top he is an absolute proven failure who has continuously failed miserably and hopelessly. He comes across as a very overrated and useless product. He has the talent, but will never succeed at the top. Hence, he should never play for Pakistan again in any format soon.

Missing Names

In the last 4 T20s Pakistan have played and lost they have not scored more then 130 and have often lost too many wickets early on frequently and consequently find themselves having to re-build their innings and take their time later on. They need a stable proper opener who can bat for 10-12 overs and just lay the foundations, block one end up and set a platform which enables the middle order to play with freedom and intent when they arrive at the crease. Salman Butt was a perfect example of someone who did this under appreciated match winning role for Pakistan in this version of the game. In order to prevent humiliating and continuous woeful batting displays such a player is necessary to have in your ranks.
In all these 4 consecutive defeats Pakistan have missed Mohammad Amir with the new ball. If he is back in NZ he would certainly make the bowling attack more balanced and add variety with the left arm angle he provides.
Razzaq needs to be promoted up the order and utilised efficiently and productively. He is a very capable match winning destructive experienced established batsmen, especially in such a shortened game. He has done it numerous times in the domestic arena for a variety of sides. It is absolutely brainless to not send him in to bat in the top 4 and show what he can do. Why wait for a crisis? Why not give him the best possible opportunity of playing an incredible self destructive Razzler dazzler?
Imran Nazir is an unmissable name. His ability to play aggressively is much more convincing and ruthless then other sloggers or hitters. He means business with the bat and is capable of delivering the goods as has been established previously with his performances in the ICL, domestic T20 tournament as he is a Stallion too and 2007 ICC World T20 in SA where he was instrumental at the top of the order.
Shoaib Malik is a top player in this version of the game. His ability to milk the ball and accelerate when he gets going is an invaluable asset in the middle order. Additionally, he is an experienced player in this format and an outstanding fielder who can catch brilliantly under pressure. He is not at all a test cricketer, but in ODIs and more so in T20s he is a very capable performer.


Babar Naveed said...

the same old batting problem... it looks like there is no end to this problem. the failures in batting seriously question our domestic cricket structure (specially batting)guys like Shahzaib,Hafeez, Farhat all are consistent at the first class level but look out of place in the international scheme of things..

Babar Naveed said...

I dont think the absence of Mohammad Amir or Mohamamad Asif makes a huge difference as our bowlers are still capable of testing out any batting lineup but thet also need good support from the batsmen.. we cant expect them to defend 120 on flat UAE pitches.
Imran Nazir should be an automatic choice for the limited over format he is good on both sides the wicket as he cuts and pulls very well.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

"T20 should be a format where Pakistan can thrive and excel due to the fact that there is no application, patience, technical testing, mental toughness, temperament, commitment requirements really needed for example like Test Cricket. It is all about natural talent, skill, motivation, handling pressure, confidence and expressiveness. Hence, it is ideal and highly suited for Pakistani players."

I nearly choked when reading that. You are basically stating that Pak are physically and mentally unable to play cricket, and thus should concentrate on T20, where a lot is based on randomness and simply throwing the sink at everything. I think this is the entirely wrong approach. Pak must put all energy into getting back to a considerable level at Test cricket. Then the T20 will get revived automatically. The whole cricket in Pakistan is currently based on the wrong values. It is more important to see a six, regardless of the actual total, than to win. Fans start to moan when there isn't a flurry of big shots. I do not want to get any more direct. The current ideals are the wrong ones. You guys are worshipping a hollow nut. Set your goals straight again, get back to your roots. Aamer would have been able to show you the way, I hope he will return soon.


Masuud said...

I agree with you here to the most of the article par to label Pakistan as one who can do their best in T20 only is a bit flawed here.
T20 isn't something that kicked off since 06' and 07' only. Its been in Pakistan domestic and local circuit since decades, right from streets to the PCB sponsored tournaments and we're rightfully said to be the pioneers of T20 cricket.

Having said that, the major problem here is the sad fact that out of all major cricket nations, Pakistan took this T20 really more seriously, esp. since WC 07'. Where other countries did their homework in separating the bunch of T20 specialists (ideal example are Aus, SA, India) and the other 2 forms of the game, we mixed it up horribly. Players not suited to T20s were put in and still are, and the same players get drafted int he longer versions of the game. Hence, the results are nowhere near good.

Wes ~PFCNFS~ said...

Well the selection blunders but also Farhatism are certainly not helping it but still you need to see that a good Test player has a range of shots that usually enable him to contribute in T20 as well, unless of course nurdling is the only way he can play, but that means he doesn't have a great range of shots. This is why I think healing might come from the Test direction. But the ideals will have to shift for that, there are currently hardly any "complete" cricketers in (international) Pakistan cricket and I think this is what amputates the spine from Pak cricket.

As written above, Aamer is such a guy who can play all three formats successfully, but he is exceptional compared to the others. Younis and Yousuf are too old to be a part of Pakistan's future. Nearly everybody else Pak has come up with in the past months is more or less scratching around. One should also attack the captaincy issue again I think.

India did not particularly well in the WC, btw...

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...


It is evident that unless something constructive is done in the first class arena Pakistani batsmen specifically will struggle to deliver the goods in Test Cricket on a consistent and regular basis

To be honest I acknowledge the fact that Pakistani supporters do not acknowledge good cricket all the time and just want to see balls flying out the park for means of entertainment and that is there idea of cricket... however, there are numerous intellectual fans as you might be able to tell on the famous Pakistani Cricket Forum pakpassion who know the values of the game inside out and left, right and centre who do appreciate proper cricketing players i.e. Aamir, Salman Butt, Younis Khan & my friend Azeem Ghumman etc

I personally care about Test Cricket much more than other formats and even stated that the Test Match victory at Headingly this summer against the Aussies was equal or and even better then the WT20 triumph..however, realistically speaking in Pakistan few people view it this way

In order to become a "good" cricketer you have to play Test Cricket is a theory I agree with. Therefore, our BOOM BOOM is not but is an admirable player at the same time! However, people in the Pakistan do not see it this way and feel he symbolises what cricket is all about

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