Saturday, 23 October 2010

A Long Term Vision

Cricket is seen as a form of national pride and identification but yet our national team's record, renowned image and ranking is staggeringly disappointing for a country which possesses excessive amounts of natural talent and has unarguably the biggest and most passionate cricketing followers on Earth. Additionally, unlike other nations it's our national sport and one of our only sports and therefore something we should be ahead in when contrasting with the likes of SA, NZ, England and co. Yet, we are on par or behind. Setting high standards and overcoming our negative unpredictability tag is the way forward towards globalised recognition for our cricket socially and significantly as a representation of our capabilities and love/interests, especially in the modern age where negativity is the only word and news we hear in Western civilizations as a matter of regularity as much as fact.

Why we should and how we could be better then what we are currently:

1) Education right from grass root-level for all players so they are aware of the values and principles of life. How to conduct themselves, the importance of behaving sensibly and appropriately and how to refrain from corrupt and negative roots.

2) Improved infra-structure where there are less first class sides, better pay and more recognition and higher standards for first class cricket. Better cricketing wickets and systematic planning of tournaments will help get the best from the best players and prepare the players mentally and physically for the real challenge of international cricket when they flourish through the ranks.

3) Professionalism and constructive productivity in management and hierarchy who use the bounty of wisdom and experience to make planned decisions accordingly and with purpose and thought.

4) Innovation, commercialisation and entrepreneurship attributes from experienced visionaries.

If this is all in place surely and inevitably we will thrive and the results will begin to show and shine. We should be the best team in the world. We could be the best team in the world. The personal drive is there as is the talent/credentials. But we lack hard work, vision, guidance & tactical understanding to succeed. This will not happen overnight. A long term plan needs to be in place and maybe just one day we will see our cricket triumph and delight the public like there is no tomorrow before we know it.

Our over reliance on pure talent is neither wise nor systematic. We need to groove players with important assets like mental toughness, technical and tactical intelligence, desire+ determination, application, hard-work, responsibility on and off the field and the importance of their role in society.

Hence, we struggle and are behind in Test Cricket and are always seen in controversies. This is the huge thing Pakistan Cricket lacks. It’s something which won’t change overnight either.

The Solution is an educational system for cricketers where they can learn about the important values as well develop their credentials. This is a long term vision. Surely we shall triumph and the results will show when this is in place?

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