Thursday, 30 December 2010

Ashes Retained

An overwhelmed English Cricket Team perform the sprinkler at the MCG

England have done it! Yes, they have! They have successfully retained the Ashes with a whole Test Match to spare. They are thoroughly deserving winners. What a major feat they have accomplished, winning an Ashes series down under after 24 years of pain, wait and agony. What a golden year they have had as a unit. They have made remarkable progress and shown they can be true "world beaters." Well played Poms. Here is a reflection of what they have actually achieved. What stands out about them is the consistency in each and every format. Andy Flower deserves to be credited for the success he has been able to taste with advancing English Cricket in a positive direction.

- Winning the 2010 ICC World T20. Their first major global tournament.
- Securing The Ashes
- Beating Pakistan in all 3 formats on home soil
- Beating Australia 3-2 in an ODI series at home
- Test Record Played 14: Won 9/Lost 3/Drawn 2 ( 64% win ratio)
- ODI Record Played 16: Won 11/Lost 5 (69% win ratio)
- T20 Record Played 11: Won 8/Lost 2/Other 1 (73% win ratio )
- Overall Played 41: Won 28/Lost 11 (68% win ratio)

Overall, a memorable year for English Cricket. 2011 shall provide new fresh challenges which compromises of a sub continent World Cup and another Asian summer with Sri Lanka and India visiting this time around . Time shall tell whether they will be able to consolidate or maintain their high standards and levels of professionalism. For now they shall enjoy the moment and savour their sheer brilliance achieved. A thriving organisation with international excellence, systematic planning and continuous development.


Wes ~PFCNFS~ Blog said...

Wishing you guys a happy New Year :)

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...

Happy New Year Wes

Thanks for your wishes

Less then 50 days to go now for the World Cup

Absolutely buzzing

Stani Army said...

That dance was just embarrassing!

To be honest Maz, if Aus win the last game it will be 2-2 and the shine will be taken off a bit because England have in fact won nothing then, just retained.

As for flower's influence; their results may have improved but their attitude to fellow pros and officials under him has gone down the drain.

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...


Embarrassing? Not sure about that! Was good to see them having fun and enjoying their success. Everyone has their own way of celebrating and I think they promised their fans too. Who cares when they make fools out of themselves when they are delivering on the pitch? England must ensure they quickly recover from the victorious hang over and win the series which they are eager and determined to do. Doubt Australia will be able to level proceedings at the SCG. Should be interesting to see how Khawaja fares. He epitomises the beauty of diversity and has been a deserving performer. Glad to see him get the opportunity.

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...

Could you give me some examples of their discipline standards dropping? I can't seem to recall many if any to be honest. The Trott/Wahab altercation before the ODI at Lords perhaps? KPs twitter outburst? Do you mean off the pitch or on it?

Stani Army said...

You said it yourself Maz, they looked like fools. That has to be embarrassing no?

As for the indiscipline; You got Broad's numerous run-ins with the officials, something both the captain and coach defended. Flower actually said Broad had an 'excellent attitude' to cricket. You got his ball tampering with shoe spikes. There's Trott mouthing off. Bresnan mouthing off about the fixing scandal during a game (to Akmal I think).

That's just off the top of my head.

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...

Got a valid point there TJ!

I must admit I am not overly in favour of this Stuart Broad chap in the first place and have witnessed him do some inappropriate things.

It's a huge shame that the ICC seem to ignore his misconduct.
SS from India is also in that same category.

Tremlett is leagues ahead of Broad and seems to be on the more mature side as well.

Not sure many people saw the dance as "embarrassing". I even saw footage of Mushy doing it in the dressing room!!!

adeel said...

English team did well in Ashes series and beat the Australian at their home and hope Pakistan will also beat the india in the world cup matches and Abdul Rehman will play a great role in the world cup in asian tracks

Abdur Rehman

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