Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Unique View About Afridi

The most famous/popular Pakistan Cricketer in the current day and age has a mammoth fan following

A unique view about Afridi. To be honest I would not care less what he does with the bat. He is not a "proper" batsmen. Its hit or miss. It's not something to take seriously. Inconsistency is inevitable. If he comes off great, if he doesn't oh well. I always view him as a bowler and judge his performance and contribution towards the team as a bowler and cult figure who creates this "buzz" in the team. He is a fine spinner with potential and a great human being.

However, as a captain his bowling form has dipped considerably . Also, he needs to bat with responsibility in order to set the standards and set a bold message which is clearly neither his instinct or style. Hence, I am not overly in favour of him as a captain, with the exception of perhaps T20 if anything.

He may have firmness, respect and experience if that even matters for such an extravagantly aggressive approach, but as a captain we have overestimated his mindset and individual contribution. As ever he has a chance of winning the WC for Pakistan under his captaincy, but there is even a higher, easier and better chance under different, more composed and tactically stronger candidates i.e. YK and even Malik I dear say.

He needs to realise the importance and value of his bowling. He needs to use himself as an attacking option and have a real "game plan" when he is bowling rather than just trying and hoping for the best. I am backing him to fire, with the ball rather then being a conservative/defensive operator who claims average figures match after match. He is a much better bowler then that.


Babar Naveed said...

Boom Boom Afridi..
In my view it would be unfair to rate him poorly as a captain in my view he has done a fairly decent job, and his body language and agressive attitude are perfectly suited for captaincy.
However there exists a thing called "Leading from the front" Afridi has been a little shady as far as individual performance goes becuase in any match summary performance of the captain is always lokked upon first..

Babar Naveed said...

However the fighter and tough character he is I can safely see that he will soon regain his form with both bat and ball and combined with his good captaincy skills he will do well as a skipper

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...

Well he was Pakistan's leading run scorer in 2010 ODIs

But his bowling form has been nothing

And thats what matters more in my view

He is tactically not great, but is a good motivator and energetic character

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