Monday, 15 March 2010


Its been 3 years since the Irish humiliation in the CaribbeanWC. That was unarguably the lowest moment in Pakistan cricket's eventful history....

A sickening scorecard

This was followed by the death of the great Bob.


Stani Army said...

What a sad loss. He was the best coach Pakistan have had.

Maz said...

I totally agree with you Stani.

Under him:
1) Pakistan reached no2 in the test rankings at one stage.
2) Pakistan beat England 2-0 in a test series on home soil and won 3-2 in the ODI series in 2005.
3)Pakistan beat India 1-0 in a test series in 2006. That famous Karachi test were we won from 39/6.
4) Pakistan beat Lanka in Lanka in 2006, a side which had Murali bowling in his prime.
5) He revived Pakistan cricket following the absences of some big players like Wasim,Waqar,Anwar etc.
6) He played an influential upbringing in players like Younis Khan,Danish Kaneria,Mohammad Asif,Salman Butt,Kamran Akmal etc
7) He had a good relationship with players. I still remember him doing all that tactical work on his laptop.

Bob, gone but never forgotten.

Purna said...

Did they ever find out who did it? I mean, it was murder wasn't it? Who would do such a terrible thing :(.

Maz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maz said...

It wasn't a murder Purna.

It was a result of natural causes.

The Jamaican Police handled the situation wrongly.

No one in the Pakistan set-up would do a thing like that. Unimaginable.

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