Thursday, 25 March 2010

18 Years On................

Imran Khan led Pakistan to glory in 1992 down under! The "Cornered Tigers" became a hero from zero!

Today is 25th March - the anniversary of the day Pakistan won the WC in 1992 at the MCG in front of a packed crowd vs England..................

Scorecard Link For The Final:

Semi Final Scorecard Link :

The moment of the day for me was Wasim Akram's gem to Allan Lamb

Perfection!! Hit the top of the off stump against a top order batsmen!! What a sight for a fast bowler!! What a moment that was!! Literally unforgettable!!

Mushtaq Ahmed's googly to Hick was another!! Trapped him as Hick didn't pick it!!

I wasn't around when this happened either but have watched footage repeatedly.

18 years on Pakistan finds itself in a mess both from a sporting and political perspective....................


Maz said...

I feel the single most influential reason as to why Pakistan won the 1992WC was because of Imran Khan's leadership. He led from the front, showed determination and self belief even when the side were down and out and Pakistan's exit seemed inevitable. He was faithful and really soldiered the team brilliantly.

This was complemented with individual heroical performances by ppl like Inzy in the semi final where Pakistan won from the jaws of defeat and Wasim Akram's outstanding final where he claimed the MOM award.

Fortune was also with Pakistan. They started of slowly but managed to get to the semi finals with some help of other countries. This provided Pakistan with an opportunity when it mattered most.

Stani Army said...

That match had so many memorable moments....event the commentary was classical.

Saleem Malik's throw from the deep, Aaqib Javed's catch, Rambo's catch and sajda, Inzi's fine cuts, Imran's six over the bowler....and Ian Botham's face when he was out!

The interesting thing is the ODI totals in those days! Look how far the game....or should I say batting, has come.

Maz said...

Stani yes great memories indeed.

And yes ODI cricket has come a long way since then.

Your spot on ;-)

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