Saturday, 14 November 2009

The Broadcasting Dilemma

Free aired TV or Sky TV? This article shall explore the disputable matter and take into account the different perspectives.

On first analysis free aired TV will not be 100% committed like Sky which is simply and frankly a matter of fact. Sky are fully dedicated to the game and show many matches which include the U19 level and women’s cricket. They also present additional programme’s like cricket am and cricket writers on TV. In the off season they telecast matches from Australia, SA, New Zealand, India and the Caribbean. Surely if they are showing this level of commitment all year round and for years on end they deserve to be showing arguably the biggest bounty of all?

However, from a statistical perspective people will be affected. The differences in audience will be noticeable. In genuine the free aired broadcaster’s gain more publicity and can make people who don’t watch the game get into cricket as a result of being free aired. The successes of channel 4 and BBC in the past had been overwhelming. Wouldn’t one love to live those times again?

In despite of that vision one must remember highlights are provided on a regular basis and now internet TV enables sport to be watched online. Therefore the dependency won’t be that gr8 especially in today’s ever expanding world. Imagine 2016?

On the whole I feel mixed supportive towards both sides of the dispute. But from an administrators vision I’m sure they will want the most viewers to watch the game as possible which is what Sky limits whereas free aired provides.


Stani Army said...

I think people are failing to understand the argument. The government wants only the home Ashes on terrestrial and nothing more. Where people are getting all this 'money loss' and 'grass roots being effected', I don't know. It's only 5 Tests every 4 years, the rest, Sky can have.

Maz@BoomBoomVision said...

Stani, I partly agree with what u have said. Yes its only 5 test matches in 4 years. So why is this much fuss being created? However, the Ashes are one of the most meaningful sporting rivalries there is and therefore everyone has the right to watch it. In despite of that one has to feel a bit sorry for the sky coverage team who show much commitment to the game but lose out when it matters in terms of money and marketing. Therefore it will perhaps be a bit selfish to show just the Ashes on free aired TV. I feel if they are going to show it on free aired TV they must show all England home games, not just the Ashes!!

Anyhow I’m sure u would agree that Pak v Ind is “bigger” than the Ashes. Much more interest and patriotism at stake when it comes to watching. Also a good start for Pakistan today. Well bowled Talha in their opening side fixture. Apparently I hear he has re-modelled his action to someone like Brett Lee and improved as a result. It shall be interesting to see him bowl with it!!

BTW, I won’t be able to comment on Stani Army for quite a while. I shall be back in full swing once I have more time on my hands 

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