Monday, 2 November 2009

Boycs !

Geoffrey Boycott recently made some interesting statements which I would like to gather and review.

First he said that Kallis and Pointing were the best of the decade. That is a humbled opinion in my view. However, he also bracketed other big names that can’t be forgotten and unnoticed before coming to his opinion. As a result I have conducted a poll on the top right hand side to represent what our audience feels.

Geoffrey is a highly admired and respected individual. He will be joining the commentary set up in Abu Dhabi/Dubai. I look forward to hear his expertise if I get time.

Also he commented that Shahid Khan Afridi was the best all-rounder in the modern game. I agree with this. He is at the top of the game in the bowling department for certain and he’s improved drastically to the extent where he’s recognised as a strike bowler, wicket-taking bowler, reliable bowler and even the side’s premier spinner by some. His batting has improved in terms of concentration and focus and he can still play that pinch hitting role. But I have to mention that he’s in the side as a bowler/ bowling all-rounder/ wrist spinner. Batting now is a bonus as far as I’m concerned. Some say it always has been the case but I have to disagree because 5 years or so ago his batting was more consistent whereas his bowling was mediocre. It’s only been in the last couple of years where his bowling has really taken off as something matchwinnining and striking.

Nevertheless, he is still equally gifted and capable in both departments if he puts his mind to it. He in my opinion is the best T20 player there has ever been. But in regards to ODI cricket he's also right up there with the very best. The two most important events for him right now are the T20WC 2010 and the WC 2011. One wonders if he can he achieve glory in both or at least one of them ? Shahid, u are a unique and enterprising asset to the game. I salute your capabilities with both and bat ball.


BoomBoomCricket said...

BTW, this was a one-off post I just had to comment on as the statements alarmed me. I shall continue to be busy and therefore be posting in-frequently.

Stani Army said...

I used to value Geoffery's opinion back in the days but I think he needs to retire now. Age has caught up with him and where his outspoken-ness used to be so refreshing, it is now annoying and at times, way off the mark.

As for Afridi being the best all-rounder in cricket, I'm certain he's the most exciting one but not sure if he's the best. His batting has improved but I would like to see this over a more consistent period of time.

There is no doubt that he has become one of the most feared spinners in the world.

BoomBoomCricket said...

Stani : "I used to value Geoffery's opinion back in the days but I think he needs to retire now. Age has caught up with him".

We shouldn't discriminate against age !

scorpicity said...

Boycott has been quite senile in recent times. Still really fun hearing him.

Anonymous said...

I've never forgiven Boycs for claiming Nathan Hauritz couldn't bowl out his grandmother. Neither has Hauritz, I think he's proven more than once since the Cardiff test that he probably can.

Stani Army said...

BoomBoom, I care for the fella!

BoomBoomCricket said...

Maz !

Maz@BoomBoomCricket said...

just testing

Maz@BoomBoomCricket said...

Yes u can continue to call me Maz Stani and everyone !


Nice website, thanks for your views

Maz@BoomBoomCricket said...

Thank U very much Haroon. I hope to hear much more from U.

Chris said...

Age in cricket doesn't make a difference. Its all about the equipment that you use such as cricket bat grips and pads, etc.

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