Friday, 13 November 2009

Afridi For Captaincy !

I am anti Younis. I hope to get your support on this too! Younis Khan and captaincy has been an episode of comedy and irony. From the high of winning a world cup to the lows of wanting to resign as a result of media pressure and a few silly statements made by influential people.

Yet now he is asking to take a break in a big series. What kind of responsible and keen captain would want to do that? This and more before suggests captaincy is too much of an emotional, psychological or conscientious challenge for him to deal with as he has unleashed on several occasions. This surely is unacceptable for a responsible captain and someone who wants to be captain in the future? Captains are meant to be a leading role which have the highest conscious levels and don’t release emotion for petty things like a sympathetic attraction.

This annoying part of it all is that of Mr Ijaz Butt, the over aged chairman’s not letting Younis go and instead providing him full support and confidence for continuation when after all it’s only evident that Younis is unable to cope with the pressure of captaincy. That has been the case since the conclusion of the upsetting 2007 WC when he rejected it. Perhaps after that one should have never asked him to do it as he denied/ missed the golden opportunity. It's mean't to be privilege for leading a nation. Never shall it be acceptable for one to act foolishly over such a role.Shall it ?

Moreover, Afridi has captained in 3 T20’s and won all. May not been a sufficient sample to count for but that is a perfectionist record of 100%. In those matches Afridi has shown impressive leadership credentials like a true “Pathan” character.

The true leader
But it doesn’t take an idiot to figure out that there has been some conspiracy flirting in the camp. The team has been partially divided under Younis but with Afridi there appeared to be more comfort for players (in particular the younger ones) and the boys appear to really gel well together. In other words the team morale seems better as a whole.

Afridi for captain :)


Maz@BoomBoomCricket said...

Give me some hits so we can develop our very own mini opposition of YK as captain here.

Feel free to argue your points if u feel differently and want YK to continue !

Stani Army said...

It really is obvious how everyone in the team is enjoying their cricket under Afridi. You can see the smiles on their faces. If Younis is making the layers miserable, and the players are making Younis miserable then Ijaz Butt needs to recognise this. It will be for the best.

Christopher Poshin David said...

Yet Pakistan team is yet again in turmoils....does it ever change?

Zag said...

I don't think Afridi will be that great in ODIs.... T20 is Afridi's game and hez the obvious choice for captain in that form.

In ODI, I am guessing Afridi will get the captaincy because of lack of candidates.

Purna said...

And what about in Tests? You think Afridi will be a good Test captain with his T20 attention span?

Maz@BoomBoomCricket said...

Purna, I mean ODI's.

Stani, yes well justified.

CPD, it's more of a change for the better then anything.

Zag, recall WI game in CT. How responsibly did he play ?


After I watched the T20 series it was amazing to see how the boys went along, they practiced together & were having a lot of fun during the match there were many light moments shown on the big screen from the Pakistani pavilion when Pakistan was batting, I really liked what Afridi said at the end of the match he said he wants the team to be united & said he won't take any particular name of who played well and called it a team effort. This kind of character is really good for Pakistan cricket & when the leader appreciates the efforts of all his soldiers the soldiers tend to perform even better.
At least he has the sense of not changing a winning combination he selected the XI by showing trust in his batsmen, playing 4 fast bowlers was a good decision in those Australian conditions and it proved well for Pakistan. Anyways, although we don't have the same captain but hope we do well in the Test Series against NZ & off course Australia.

Keep writing it was a nice article. Look forward to read about Pakistan & IPL.

Maz@BoomBoomVision said...

Haroon, thanks for the contribution and insight. Interesting and sensible statement made by Shahid Afridi. He isn’t a bad orator when interacting with the media whereas YK tries to over complicate his words and as a result mumbles and forgets things. He’s a little difficult to communicate with at the toss and post match presentation.

Yes, I also feel Pakistan chop and change too frequently. This never allows a settled team morale or for a player to settle into the playing structure. This results in inconsistency whereas playing the same balanced line up may not work all the time but will eventually pay dividends over a longer period of time. I hope Afridi is captain at the 2011 WC. He is a good innovative person in the field who fathers a good team atmosphere. He is also the team talisman which can be argued a successful choice for captaincy.

Maz@BoomBoomVision said...

Haroon, who do u feel should be Pakistan’s openers in test?

I think Butt and Farhat. Ideally Nazir but he’s not in the squad :(

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