Saturday, 24 October 2009

Why The Stani's Are The Real Champs !

NSW winners - Doesn't mean Australia have the best T20 structure !

New South Wales may have won the CLT20 but surely it's only evident that Pakistan are the kings of the format. If Sialkot Stallions were in the reckoning I'm sure they would have been a frontline force with their unique and flamboyant style.

T20 comes as a synthetic format for the country. In fact it originated long ago for the talented and gifted cricketing nation when people used to play "Ramadan tournaments" and specifically 20/20 matches with tape balls etc. Therefore it's nothing new and comes very naturally to the people. The interest within the nation is of abundance and the structure is one that really motivates the players.

Here below is rock hard statistical evidence as to why I regard Pakistan as the real champs of T20 format !

Unofficial T20 Team Ranking

Until ICC introduces an official T20 Ranking system, lets go ahead and rank teams based on their performance so far in this format...

* Ranking are based on winning percentages on total matches. Exceptional world cup performance fetches more recognisation though.

** Ranking updated after T20 two match series between NZ vs SL & Aus vs Eng


Rank 1
Pakistan- Its a no brainer with 2 consecutive world cup final apperances & current world cup holder as well as winning 19 of their 25 T20 matches so far.
Overall Record= played 25, won 19, lost 5, tied/no result 1
Overall Winnning percentage= 79%

Rank 2
South Arica
Though dissapointing in both world cups, they have a consistent overall record of winning 16 out of 24 matches.
Overall Record= played 24, won 16, lost 8, tied/no result 0
Overall Winnning percentage= 67%

Rank 3
With an ever improving T20 record of 14 wins out of 23 matches as well as latest world cup final apperance, they deserved no.3.
Overall Record= played 23, won 14, lost 9, tied/no result 0
Overall Winnning percentage= 61%

Rank 4
Maiden world cup winner India, slides down due to a disasterous second world cup where they failed to win a single match in super 8. Also the overall record of 9 wins & 7 losses in 18 T20 matches lack consistency.
Overall Record= played 18, won 9, lost 7, tied/no result 2
Overall Winnning percentage= 56%

Rank 5
West Indies
A semi final apperance in second world cup is no mean achievement and overall 50% record of 8 wins/8 losses in 18 T20 matches justifies their position.
Overall Record= played 18, won 8, lost 8, tied/no result 2
Overall Winnning percentage= 50%

Rank 6
Former ODI & Test no.1 team & 4 time ODI World cup winners didn't like the format apparntly and are langusihing in the bottom tier. After a decent first world cup, where they reach semis, they bowed out in the first round of the second. Overall record of 11 wins/12 losses in 25 games is quite average.
Overall Record= played 25, won 11, lost 12, tied/no result 2
Overall Winnning percentage= 47%

Rank 7
They flopped in both world cups and has a weak 12 wins /14 loss in 28 games.
Overall Record= played 28, won 12, lost 14, tied/no result 2
Overall Winnning percentage= 46%

Rank 8
ODIs whipping boys is also T20 whipping boys. Overall record of 8 wins out of 22 games proves that. they have the lowes percentage of winning of all 8 top teams.
Overall Record= played 22, won 8, lost 12, tied/no result 2
Overall Winnning percentage= 40%

Rank 9
World Cup surprise team did their ranking no harm by beating Eng. Overall record 3 wins/2 loss in 6 games ( but must have played against minnows as well)
Overall Record= played 6, won 3, lost 2, tied/no result 1
Overall Winnning percentage= 60%

Rank 10
Surprsingly ireland has a 50% record with 4 win 4 loss in 9 matches...quite good for a minnows but then they must have played T20 aginst another minow as well..
Overall Record= played 9, won 4, lost 4, tied/no result 1
Overall Winnning percentage= 50%

Rank 11
They are doing no better than in ODIs or Tests and are at bottom. Overall record of 3win/10 loss is pathetic.
Overall Record= played 13, won 3, lost 10, tied/no result 0
Overall Winnning percentage= 23%

Notice that Pakistan have played more matches partly because they have qualified for the knockout stages in each eddition on the T20WC ! So the data is all but fair and trustworthy indicator.

Also have a look at this link which outlines the domestic strength:

Sialkot as many may say would have been leading had they played more frequently ! It must also be that Lahore Badshahs aren't recognised otherwise inevitably they would have been in there I'm sure.

Players like Rana Naved (a personal favourite of mine and stani) and Imran Nazir can be both of high quality when it comes to T20 ! It's helped them with their cricketing careers and both of them have thrived remarkably in it. Noticeably, they are both from Sialkot !


Cricket Bats said...

Excellent analysis. Its hard to argue with your conclusions!

BoomBoomCricket said...

Thank U sir. Good to hear from u. Hope to hear more from you......

Sidthegnomenator said...

After Australia's generally appalling performance in T20, I can only be glad that we still rank above England and the Kiwis.

Thanks for that :-)

BoomBoomCricket said...

Cheers sidthegnomenator. Looking forward to Pakistan's tour this winter ?

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