Sunday, 4 October 2009

Pakistan - The Semi Finalists !

Pakistan have lost against New Zealand in the semi final, a heart breaking time to depart for any side. As a passionate and patriotic Pakistani supporter I’m disappointed but also all congratulatory to New Zealand who simply were the better side overall.

Nonetheless I oppose YK’s decision to bat first considering the statistical results of doing so at the venue. Also I will have to name and shame the influential “sitter” he dropped. He appears to be the centre of fame when ditching.

Looking ahead to the final I can only back Australia’s depth and style to be the difference.

The Kiwis have thrived during this event. They won it in 2000. But this time I'm sure it would be a bigger thing if they do . They have done brilliantly to come this far when considering the "group of death" they were initially put into. Also they outplayed Pakistan, an inform unit which must have been an overwhelming achievement for Vettori's side. It will be great to see them win the competiton.

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Big Player For the Big Game !

Big Player For the Big Game !

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