Monday, 26 October 2009

My Expectations Of Pakistan This Winter !

Pakistan have a busy schedule in prospectus this winter. They play the down under sides in an important series for the country who haven't won a test series in a long time. Here below are my personal expectations of the side this winter. Feel free to share yours !

To beat the Kiwis in both formats of the game. Nothing but should be accepted.

To be competitive with Australia at least.The win might be a stiff task but they certainly should be a challenge to the Ricky's side and not a laughing stock like last time they went.

The U19 team to win the world cup in January. They should as always continue to flourish with their formidable success in the youth structure.

Win a large amount of their T20 fixtures eg 85%. Afterall, they are champions so they should play like one.


Christopher Poshin David said...

Great blog mate.....

Have blog rolled you :D

BoomBoomCricket said...

Cheers ! Hope to see more from u

Purna said...

Ooh, time to avenge the Kiwis eh?

I've blog rolled you too :).

Anonymous said...

I have to agree totally - nothing but beating the Kiwis should be accepted by any side.

Except maybe England.

They can dream.

Reverse Swing said...

Well, this is a tough winter for Pakistan as the conditions in which they are going to play are not to there likings specially batsmen which is our weakest link , bouncy pitches etc.

So I think both series are equally difficult but yes we some chances against Kiwis as our bowling attack suits their conditions but for that batsmen have to support them hard.

Against Aussies 1 test win or couple of draws should be considered as better performance I guess :P

I will put my preview latter some time.

Ankit Poddar said...

nice look for the blog really!

considering my reply at all padded up, wish to swap links for the blog roll?!

and yeah, i expect pak cricket to progress rapidly this winter, they may not win everything, but better cricket is surely in store!

BoomBoomCricket said...

Thanks all. Yes NZ are a mediocre side when it comes to cricket especially in test cricket.

Ankit, thanks. I will blogroll u as well.

Stani Army said...

When have we ever lived up to expectations?!?

You should have expected the worst, then may be we may do something ;)

BoomBoomCricket said...


That is established. Pakistan are an unpredictable unit. Somedays they produce sheer brilliance whereas other days they dissapoint badly.

Purna said...

Then why aren't the doing something about it?

BoomBoomCricket said...

That is the way Pakistan cricket works Purna. Don't know why and how. Perhaps ask a psychologist !


BoomBoomCricket said...

I recently watched the HONG KONG SIXES TOURNAMENT. What a blazing format ! Although the meaning of a "six" is lost as it's hit too frequently and easily. Congrats to RSA for winning it in the 2009 eddition.

Funnily enough England have won it the most times followed by the Stanis (Pakistan) !

BoomBoomCricket said...

Purna, may I ask your nationality ?

Purna said...

England won some series? Are they really English or born somewhere else?

I am Bangladeshi. But I live in Canada.

BoomBoomCricket said...

Nice a Canadian-Bengali ! gr8 to have u on the blog.

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