Friday, 7 January 2011


So, it’s done and dusted after a good month and half in the land of the Kangaroo

Never would one have imagined that it would have been such a walk in the park for the visitors

Never in their wildest dreams

The outcome is certainly astonishing

Moreover, it’s a good reflection or indication of how exactly proceedings have fared

What we have witnessed is nothing but complete domination on the one side and nothing but complete humiliation on the other

For some, it may be too hard to sink in or digest and who could possibly blame them?

Until the summer of 2013, where the Aussies will get an opportunity to redeem themselves, the Poms can savour their brilliance and look forward with an abundance of optimism

The moment belongs to them once more

In short, a formidable accomplishment and monumental feeling

At present everything is singing and dancing for them

As ever, there is room for consolidation, further progressiveness and maintenance of standards which they still have in their backs of their minds

It will be good to see them challenging for the number 1 status in Tests and beyond

With the progress, professionalism, planning and structure they have got in place, impossible is nothing and there is no reason why they can’t develop on their instrumental success in the years which lie ahead

WC is the next big thing on their agenda

Given their record on sub continental conditions, I find it hard to imagine them being a threatening force

Let’s wait and see if they can give us another mammoth surprise and shut up their doubters?

Just how damn good are they really?

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Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...

So for the record then.

Leading Wicket Takers

Anderson 25
Tremlett 17
Johnson/Swann 15

Leading Run Scorers

Cook 766
Hussey 570
Trott 445

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Big Player For the Big Game !

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