Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Why Pakistan may win at Lords

Why Pakistan may win at Lords:

1) They have been to Lords already this summer and played reasonably well. They should have learn't from their mistakes and would have probably got accustomed to the slope, atmosphere and surroundings one would have thought.

2) They carry the winning momentum into this match. They will be keen to maintain standards and square the series.REMEMBER: So far this summer they haven't lost a series!

3) Last time Mohammad Yousuf batted here, he scored a double century. Perhaps the great memories will help him to deliver something special.

Off Topic

There is some talk in the British Press and a few writer's have been complaining that ball tampering goes on and Ajmal's action is illegal and therefore England faltered on tea day 3. These are baseless accusations. In my opinion ball tampering should be legalised because bowlers need assistance to perform well just like batsmen too. And ball tampering doesn't make bowling invincible by any stretch of the imagination as bowlers still need pace, control and special ability to swing the ball regardless of the state it is in. It just makes cricket more lively and evenly contested between bat and ball if anything.

I'm not saying that tampering took place at all, but what I am saying is even if it simply did, who frankly cares? Only because Pakistan are good at when it comes to making the old ball "talk" doesn't mean it's easy to do. We have gifted bowlers to perform the art, thats all.

And same concept applies to the mystery off spinner. ICC and cricket in general should be flexible in allowing the doosra to be bowled because it gives cricket more of an exciting contest between bat and ball and of course it's a respectable art in its own right which requires plenty of skill, talent and ability to perfect when bowling. Again, I am not saying Ajmal's action is suspicious but even if it was?

English media's unwillingness to praise Pakistan's bowling uniqueness speaks volumes.


Mudassar @ said...

Optimistic kid is back :)

well all that talk is to just put Pakistan and specially Ajmal under pressure so he doesn't bowl doosras that often. An old dirty English and Aussie tactics, dn't worry.

Kuram said...

I haven't seen one article in the British media yet about ball tempering by Pakistani bowlers (And I follow quite a few). In fact, there has been high praise left right and center, specially because reverse swing has not really come into play much with sides getting out pretty cheaply.

Which tabloid are you talking about?

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