Sunday, 8 August 2010

Haider The King!

A revelation to the name of Zulqarnain Haider who will be donating half his match fee to the Imran Khan cancer hospital in remembrance of his late mother who died 12 years back.

What a superb knock from Zulqarnain Haider, he played exceptionally well under pressure! What a character he is! Have Pakistani found the ideal man for the job? I can now say that Kamran Akmal is officially history in Test Matches.........

Ironically, he was out first ball and would have had a "king pair" had it not been for the wonders of technological advances! Also, would have been the first Pakistani to have the amusing status. However, the second lifeline saw the beggining of someone who could play and was a gifted talent.

Credit is also due to Ajmal and Amir who gave the debutant much needed support with their patience and fighting spirit. Ajmal has now bagged a 5 for and scored a 50 too! Kaneria is surely out of business?

Swann bowled extremely well and claimed a career best and produced some real gems with his craft. The purchase he can extract is remarkable for a finger spinner.

So we have a lead of 112 with 1 wicket remaining at the close of day 3. If Pakistan can put on a frustrating last wicket stand tomorrow and the bowlers maintain their excellence and are given full support from their fielders; I then back the greens to pull of something spectacular at Edgbaston tomorrow. However, even if Pakistan lose this match which is obviously the likelihood, if they could compete and make England win as narrowly and difficultly as possible that would be enough to satisfy me and many other supporters.


Stani Army said...

It's great that both changes of ours worked and they were our two best players in fact.

Sky apparently interviewed Ajmal on the morning of the final day...did you catch it Maz? Apparently it was a brilliant interview but I missed it. Let me know if you get a youtube link of it.

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...

Sorry TJ I can't seem to find that link anymore but it was hilarious!

Yeah Zulqarnain showed glimpses of brilliance and touches of genius in his debut match.

Ajmal also was a revelation. He looked threatening many times.

I want Malik out this team ASAP now.

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