Saturday, 24 July 2010

Victory At Leeds Was Special

The victorious Pakistani team at Leeds

Pakistan have finally done it and it feels great!

They have beaten Australia in a Test Match for the first time since 1995!
They only won by 3 wickets in the end but all is well that end wells as Pakistan have historically managed to win a Test Match against Australia which means they square the series too which adds to the previous achievement prior to the Test Series of winning both T20 matches against Australia on the 5th and 6th of July respectively at Edgbaston. But undoubtedly and ultimately, the Test win is the one which matters the most! Its meaningfulness speaks chapters and chapters!

Salman Butt has started his captaincy career sensationally.

My series prediction of 1-1 in the Test Series came to perfection!

Now, the England series is about to commence at Nottingham on the 29th in the first of four Test Matches and now team Pakistan can look forward to it with some confidence, gained from an overwhelming victory against the world champions.


Babar said...

well its indeed a great achievement considering that this was a relatively inexperience team as compared to some of the other teams that have gone down to Australia in the past 13 tests.. credit must be given to Salman Butt as he looked like a good captain and as per the requirement of test match cricket he never lost patience and gave time to his bowlers specially in the 2nd innings. batting still remains the worry although victory covers every weakness but realistically its a problem that has made our team so unpredictable that people were worried that whether those remaining 40 runs would be chased on the 4th day or will our team succumb to the pressure.. for the series against England the team should should consider the positives of this series and should also focus on making a combo that has batsmen that can deliver under tough conditions and tough opponents...

Purna said...

Congrats Maz! I hope your boys are focusing on taking the next one as well.

Stani Army said...

I think the English bowlers will be a harder test. Against Australia, we only really had to watch out for Hilfenfaus and stupidly, Watson but against England all the bowlers will be potentially dangerous.

Maybe a reason to recall Yousuf and Younis? Certainly one could replace Malik and the other maybe Amin.

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...


Very good points made, it was a pleasure to read.


Inshallah we will continue our good and impressive form against England.


In my opinion we are now done and dusted with the biggest challenge of the summer and the results have been remarkable from our perspective against Australia (3/1 to us). However, I agree with you that the England bowling attack shall pose some huge problems to our young, fragile and inexperienced batting line up. But I still think our bowling attack is far better than theirs!

Everyone in the British Press seems to writing us of despite the win against the mighty Aussies. I mean I was watching "Cricket Writer's on TV" yesterday and no one was giving Pakistan a realistic chance of winning the series or even a Test Match! They thought it would be a pushover series before the Ashes. However, lets prove these pundits wrong with our world class pace battery in Aamer, Asif and Gul holding the key and hopefully continuing to lead the way.

Babar said...

Batting will be the worry for Pakistan as it has been over the years. but the team's spirits will be high after the Leeds victory...
I expect a tough and well fought series...

Stani Army said...

I'm a little concerned about our batting that has been, even though it was obvious, slightly hidden by how good our bowling was. If you dismiss a team for 88 in the first innings and still struggle to win a Test then there is something still very wrong.

I was looking for the repeat of cricket writers on tv but I couldn't find it. You wouldn't know if they repeat it would you Maz?

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...

Don't think so there will be a repeat TJ! You have every right to be concerned about our batsmen. For me Anderson and Swann are the key men to watch out for. However, apart for the left hand openers Pakistan haven't got any other lefties in their line up and Swann loves bowling to them and has had resounding success bowling against them too. I think if our batsmen start to use their feet and attack Swann that's the best way forward in stopping him from dominating. I can sense a great contest in the making between Swann and Umar Akmal in this series. UA loves cutting and hitting in the "V" and Swann is a thinking bowler who will look to use his full repertoire of drift, dip, flight, sharp turning ones and the changes in trajectory to out think him.

Let's hope for the best and hope for a controversy free summer unlike last year when Darrel Hair played dirty at the Oval.

Lets hope for better results and outcomes too!

Stani Army said...

What a long time ago that seems now!

Maaaaz @ BBK (Maza786) said...


haha thats a good one!

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