Saturday, 10 April 2010


It is well and truly evident that Pakistan are the kings of unpredictability. Some days one will witness sheer individual brilliance whereas other days we will be comprehensively defeated and humiliated for our passionate supporters to start criticizing and attacking our players and team as if there is no tomorrow. Some have said that being unpredictable is good for the game because it makes Pakistan so interesting, exciting and eventful to watch, they don't want it to change or be any different in the sense that you never know what's coming next! However, is this the right approach at the end of the day and should it be that on these basis we support Pakistan with an abundance of enthusiasm?

Firstly, I can understand were the fans are coming from. We all like to watch something exciting and surprising, don't we? In a veritable sense we wouldn't like to see expected results repeatedly as we all like to see variation and differentiation in several walks of life. We want something worthwhile and intriguing to watch and that's what an unpredictable unit like Pakistan provides us with.

However, being unpredictable leads to inconsistency, which is the pain of mediocrity. Mediocre players aren't the best of role models and national representatives, although they will have their memorable monumental moments as well. Remembering that cricketers are labelled as our (Pakistanis) leading ambassadors.

If a side is to make valuable progression as players and as a unit on the ICC ranking system consistent performances over a lengthy duration of time is the only virtual method of accomplish such an achievement. Thereby, inconsistency gets you nowhere and as determined die hard supporters of the game we should refer to inconsistency negatively and strive for excellence as opposed to mediocrity. We should set high standards and expect nothing but wins from our national team as a regularity. That's the only one ticket route to building a positive sounder reputation on the global scale , getting recognition for top cricketing performance and consequently saving the nation from this social and political turmoil which lies against Pakistan and has increasingly destructively destroyed our unity and spirit as a nation in this day and age, two highly significant patriotic aspects.


Stani Army said...

New look Maz! Don't worry, now that I have my sunglasses on, I can read and comment :)

In regards to the unpredictability; the question I ask myself is would I have it any other way? Surely it would be boring? Although, I think most of our fans would accept it Maz IF our team was seen to be trying every game. The trouble is, our players don't do this. To be trying and still be unpredictable is not so bad.

I know winning matters but above all, I want to see our natural talent and excitement. I'm not certain this is something which sits well with consistency. I can't help feeling that I would be a bit bored if we were always doing well. Some how, consistent winning makes victory taste less sweet.

Maz said...

haha liking the humour Stani! I'm sure your vision will become accustomed to the brightness with time! The new layout and format has received mixed feedback but the change has a lot of logic and reasoning behind which I shall share here. Firstly, the greenish background is a representation of us being a "Pakistani cricket blog" but more importantly whenever we used to upload videos and pictures they would cut a bit of it of due to the blogging de vices on the right hand side such as polls and links. Therefore, I moved those devices to the bottom of the pages and you should now find that the pictures and videos are of better quality.

I can completely understand where your coming from in regards to unpredictability, however when I throw down this Waqar toecrushing inswinging yorker you will be answerless!!

Question/Yorker: Would you rather not want to see the country not to descend and divide instead of yourself being entertained to the mysterious world of Pakistan cricket?

I will be curious to see your reply now :P

Stani Army said...

Digs out yorker:

Maz, we can be entertained by our exciting cricket without being divided. If we play a honest brand of cricket, doesn't have to be a consistently winning brand, but just an honest and exciting one, then I think this will please people and bring them together. What more can you ask from someone who gives their all? If our players are seen to do this then that will be enough.

Maz said...

That is a solid reply Stani, however our people won't acknowledge or understand that honesty and trying you have mentioned. They wants results and triumphs and in order to achieve that we have to be consistent.

Stani Army said...

Absolutely correct Maz. That is why I believe our cricket is only a symptom of our nations problems. Our cricket will never be truly fixed unless we address these deep underlying issues....and boy will it take time. Not sure if we will see it in our lifetime especially with leaders like Zardari whose number one trick is to to dumb the regular person down. He knows if the masses were educated, someone like him would never get voted into power.

He played the 'feel sorry for me my wife got murdered card' and people fell for it and voted him in. Now he has a photo of Benazir strategically placed beside him in everyone of his interviews just to continue his spell. He definitely doesn't fool me though. Criminal! (as are a lot of them)

Maz said...

Absolutely Stani!

Had Imran Khan been in power with his political party Tehreek E Insaf, cricket would have been sorted out I am pretty sure and everything would have been running professionally. His innovation, imagination and passion patriotism is what Pakistan needs and that is the way forward.

Pakistan as a nation is in political turmoil and these corrupt leaders are a centre figure of our endless problems.

Stani Army said...

We need strongly leaders in that country but we only have a few. Imran is one of them and I only hope our people wake up to this fact. But it does seem that the powers that be, will some way or another, keep him away.

Maz said...

And we don't need Sports Ministers with fake degrees either i.e. Mr Dasti! The worst sports minister who started raising these thoughtless match fixing accusations after Pakistan's defeat in the Champions Trophy! We have to remember that players are humans and make mistakes as well! Obviously the bloke couldn't quite get that round his head...

Stani Army said...

I couldn't stop smiling when I first heard that about Dusti. Boy did he get what he deserved! I'm sure Younis Khan had a little chuckle too.

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