Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Shonnia Mubarak ;-) !

Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza’s marriage has caught a lot of hype and media attention over the last few weeks. It’s a special occasion for both individuals obviously, but is also a symbolic speciality as the couple signify the unity with Pakistan and India as both individuals are two modern sporting icons in Southern Asia who have represented their country and done their fans proud in the past.

Many are saying this is a so called “triumph” for Pakistan to cherish and relish upon with an abundance of happiness. However, I would like to interrupt here and say that we are in no competition with India and as civilised people should be happy for the couple as a whole rather than feeling that Sania has rejected Indians and pleased Pakistanis, she may have done but no need to feel boastful over such an event as we are neighbours and should support each other in order to help us regain our positive neighbourhood relations which have taken a bit of a slump in recent times since the catastrophic Mumbai atrocities in November 2008, unfortunately. United we stand, not divided we fall. We should be excited and pleased and hope that everything which is taking place at the marriage ceremony runs smoothly over the next couple of days.

The marriage has caught a lot of controversy due to Malik’s past doings with Ayesha Siddique, but thankfully that has now been cleared and the much awaited wedding can now go ahead peacefully.There shall be a feeling of neighbourhood happiness all-round and I for one am very congratulatory towards the couple. Best wishes and all the best in living a prosperous life when they get settled down in UAE!


Stani Army said...

We can only wish happiness for the future Maz. Thank God they decided to stay in UAE or who knows what would have ensued had they chosen either of the two home countries over the other! :)

Maz said...

Most definitely TJ.

I think that point you have covered is a key reason as to why the wedding was able to go ahead.

Just imagine how overwhelmed the pakistan tennis federation (PTF) must have been when there were so called rumours that Sania might have played for Pakistan following the marriage :) they must have jumped for joy like anything on first news!!

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