Friday, 4 December 2009

Zabardast Sehwag Aur Kaneria !

To ignore the Sewhag special is very hard to do so. This innings deserves heaps of recognition and applause and therefore I have decided to dedicate a thread towards it.
Today he fell agonisingly short of another triple century which must have been a tad frustrating for a personal triumph. But in the circumstances one can’t take anything away from the brilliance and sheer carnage of this phenomenal innings played at a breathtaking rate.

This puts India in a driving seat position to seal the 2-0 series victory set up by the flamboyance of a Sewhag spectacular.

The Sewhag Formula= S + W + VS4 (Where S and W represent short and wide)

Wagon Wheel. Bowling a fraction wide to Sewhag is criminal. He excels on width and is the king of the cut which he gives a mighty crush. He is also quite majestic of his legs through the mid-on and midwicket area.

A masterblaster exhibition .A genius.

Meanwhile Kaneria was back at his best today. The figures are astonishing and speak for themselves. This is what the Stani fans want him to do on a more regular basis.
Is this the turning point for Kaneria? Hmmmmm I wonder……………...............

Danish U beauty !

How could I miss out Dwayne Bravo. A 100 is always memorable but even more so when it comes up against the might of Australia.

BTW, has anyone seen Chris Martin's professional batting ability ? LOL people !!


Maz said...

England have beaten SA in the ODI series 2-1 ! This is gr8 news for the side who have beaten SA in the last two odi series.

Now await the test matches. Is Imran Tahir going to get picked for SA ?

Maz said...

The attention now turns to the soccer draws.

HR said...
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HR said...

Sehwag played really well & it was sad that he missed his 300, but hey what has happened to Murali he used to get plenty of wickets? without conceding this much runs, It seems he has passed his prime. Kaneria bowled really well in his comeback test, a leg spinner should always be a priority when playing test match.
Asif was brilliant too if it wasn't for his extra curricular activities Asif would have taken many more wickets by now, Currently the 2nd Innings is going on & Asif has already bagged 3 wickets, on top of that he bowled 10 of the 21 overs bowled so far, you have to appreciate his stamina.

Stani Army said...

Very impressed with the returning Danish. I didnt even recognise him that's how skinny he is gone! Good for him.

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