Sunday, 20 December 2009

Your Predictions For The Australian Series ?????

Ramiz Raja and Waqar Younis have stated that Australia is "beatable". I agree with their statements since even WI can compete with them and what a mediocre side they are in this day and age. Some have questioned whether they should even have test cricket status, their that weak.

Also since the absences of Warne, Gilchrist and McGrath Australia have lost their dominance and ruthlessness on the international stage. They are going through a re-building process in test cricket. England beat them in the ashes and SA beat them last year in a test series so surely Pakistan isn’t a million miles off.

BTW,Why on earth is Muhammad Sami recalled? His average in test cricket is 51 runs per wicket which is very expensive. He is another of those tried and tested players. Why do the PCB keeping going backwards instead of forwards? A diabolical decision like that of recalling Misbah. Sohail Khan and Talha should be given chances instead. Anyone with me?

Anyway back to the positiveness former fast bowler and Pakistani coach, Geoff Lawson has also backed Pakistan’s bowlers and in particular the "new Kaneria". I personally feel Pak should play 2 spinners, both Ajmal and Kaneria because the wickets tend to spin at the MCG and SCG.

My Prediciton is 1-1. Good luck Pak. As Imran Khan said under his famous motto: " Our team has cornered tigers" ! Watch out U Aussies !


Maz said...

What a match was the first test between England and SA. This was gripping action packed drama at its optimum. England dug out well and the players and supporters were delighted with the outcome. This reminded me of the Cardiff test this year in which Monty Panesar and Jimmy Anderson held out under immense tension to save the test. Noticeably, that was an opening test match as well which started a very compelling heat absorbing series. I hope this series will be equally as good. Paul Collingwood also played an influential role in that test as he did in this one.

Maz said...

Although Pakistan’s chances against Australia have been classified as “beatable” it is not necessarily what I am expecting. Of course I would like it to be though. But above all I want Pak to be a competitive and bold force. I want them to promote their image and credentials to the former NO1 side in the world. I want the Aussies to be challenged and impressed. What I don’t what is Pak to be humiliated and embarrassed like last time they toured in which they were whitewashed. Hard fought action, determination and moments of on field brilliance should be the minimal expectation. The win would have been a dream but an achievable one but the point I am trying to labour is a win would have exceeded expectations not met them.

Maz said...

Currently the QEA trophy final is being played between HBL and Karachi Blues.

Karachi blues are in command following the first day of 4.

The match features Younis Khan and surprisingly Mohammad Sami.

Maz said...

My starting 11 would be:


Maz said...

Lee vs Asif

Johnson vs Aamer

Ponting vs Yosuf

Butt vs Katich

Hussey vs Fawad

Haddin vs Akmal

Watson vs Farhat

CAN'T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stani Army said...

Just two pacers in your bowling? I definitely would not start with Iqbal.

Purna said...

Another draw?? No Maz NO! Either Pakistan wins this one or loses it. I couldn't bear the Kiwi series being drawn because of rain. Specially with the fabulous bowling.

HR said...

But isn't Sami supposed to be in Australia, now dats some VIP service.

My starting XI will be the same that you have Maz, I am not sure about the Melbourne pitch but I read somewhere that this time around it won't favor the spinners much but I heard it from an Australian source & It has been the culture of the OZs to play mind games with there opponents. Umar Gul definitely needs to rest he hasn't been performing so well.

Stani Army said...

Looks like Ajmal's doing well so it will be interesting to see if we go with both him and Kaneria. The problem will then be of how many pacers we include. If we go with three pacers, then our batting will suffer and thats the weakest of all as it is.

Maz said...

The team balance in undoubtedly affected without an all-rounder.

YK would have been as asset here. His bowling has been very impressive. He is capable of bowling 10 odd overs in an innings and of course is a batsmen primarily.

Maz said...

I have just realised that Brett Lee is not featuring. I haven't been following Australian cricket though.

If Ponting is still unfit then Pak should win becasuse Australia have lost their best bowler and batter respectively. Although Pak have had batting woes.

Maz said...

-Spin holds the key for Pak.
-The fielers must hold on to their chances.
-The openers must be retained for the full duration of the test series. Then we know where they stand.
- Ponting and Clarke's wicket will be crucial. Pak should get them early.

Stani Army said...

Gayle did say Ponting is weak to bounce. We need Aamer and the like to utilise this. I think Ponting was dismissed with bounce a number of times against the windies.

Maz said...

The series is a mammoth test of character for our young cornered tigers. Pak will and should play 2 spinners regardless. Both Ajmal and Kaneria are in form and Australian batsmen are somewhat vulnerable against them. You need 20 wickets to win and Pak must choose their best bowlers. I am a fan of Gul but he should make way for the two spinners so they can operate in tandem and bamboozle the Aussies. I am agreeing to the opinion that we should insert the Aussies to bat had we won the toss. We must also persevere with the openers for a healthy duration of time because then only we have an indication of the future and where they stand.

Aussies get ready and beware; the cornered tigers are on a mission!

Maz said...

Key factors to watch out for:

-Johnson. ICC player of the year 09. Top bowler, a wicket taker and can score priceless runs lower down the order.

- Sledging. A tendency or culture of the Aussies to get a psychological advantage and get into the skins of the opposition. Its aggression. Pak must not let this dominate their mindsets. BTW, watch out for Faisal Iqbal if selected. It’s in his nature to be mouthy!

Maz said...

However, if Kaneria is not fully fit I would like to see him not play and Ajmal play instead. People with full 100% fitness should be given priority. It’s the way it should work in general. Nonetheless, it is believed to be a sensationalised rumour so the sources may not be trustworthy. There has been no such confirmation and we all know how the media can act these days, don’t we?

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