Monday, 29 November 2010

Pak-Ind vs Eng/Aus

Personally I have an equal affiliation with both rivalries being a British Pakistani and therefore will clearly be fair and unbiased in analysis:

Why Ashes is bigger and better

1) More organised and systematic. Happens every 4 years in both locations. Everyone can understand where and when it will happen. Is planned more specifically and purposefully and therefore is much stronger administratively.

2) Historical context stretches for longer as the first series commenced in 1882. Plenty of history and tradition and it epitomised the popularity of cricket in they early days. Perhaps cricket would not stand where is does nowadays had this not been in place. This adds all to the meaningfulness and fascination for such a global spectacle.

3) Better conditions and pitches which are most conductive or conducive for the 5 day game which inevitably makes it undoubtedly more lively and interesting to watch or play in for that matter.

4) Anticipation and build up is second to none. For these two sides every thing with planning and feats are built towards this more or less. Whether this is healthy or not is certainly an argumentative or debatable like issue, however it all adds towards the fun in the overall equation when making contrasts.

5) Crowd and popularity/attendance for Tests is appladuable. It is considerably higher. Both countries on the whole show tremendous appreciation and acknowledgement towards the 5 day game which other countries supporters could take a leaf out of.

It would be reasonable to say that on the Test front Ashes is clearly the bigger and better affair. However, don't get me wrong, Pak-Ind rivalries are of also of high and well anticipated significance and a special encounter when ever and where the two sides clash in what ever format. On the ODI front, they are the biggest ecnounter in cricket which is followed with admirable intensity combined with a heart of passion, however the Ashes clearly remains the daddy when it comes to Tests.

In conclusion, both are needed to promote the interest, liveliness, beauty, enjoyment, history, patriotism and uniqueness of the beloved sport in this day and age. Both have done it previously, but as cricket fanatics we can only hope this great legacy continues for generations to come.

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Christopher Poshin David said...

Definitely , but mostly because Ashes is English and well it's been there for over a century!

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