Wednesday, 27 May 2009


This June contest is one which shall be watched with abundance of excitement around the globe. The dynamics of this T20 format has been a sporting revelation ever since its first introduction in June 2003. The publicity and fascination this format has attracted has been resounding to say the least. Majority of encounters result in close tense climaxes. Additionally the duration is ideal for entertainment value. Therefore I would like to remark that this is where the games future lies. The combination of skill, uniqueness and intensity is there for one to express passion let it be playing or watching.

Prediction: Should be a competitive and anticipated competition on the whole. India are the current holders and have the balance of experience and youth to go the distance. Also they have the captaincy enterprise enhanced by MS dhoni which proved influential in RSA 07.


Stani Army said...

Pakistan were fortunate to make the last 8. There's a bit of trouble brewing in the Indian camp so I think there may be a few distractions. South Africa look the most threatening to me at the moment but India do have a formidable line up. They need to get the middle/lower order some batting though.

Keep up the good work Maza.

maza786 said...

Thanks Stani. Hope to see more comments from u in the future.


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